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How to play Lighthouse (Tutorial by Patrick Watson)
47,758 Views β€’ Dec 22, 2020 β€’ Click to toggle off description
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Views : 47,758
Genre: Music
Date of upload: Dec 22, 2020 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


3 years ago

I guess 2020 is not all bad when one of the most underrated musicians teaches one of his most beautiful songs.

410 |


3 years ago

I truly hope he makes a tutorial for je te laisserai des mots, I NEED IT 😭

255 |


3 years ago

Next episode: "lost with you" ... please

87 |


3 years ago

The wisdom of 1 year of piano lessons packed into a 10 minute lesson. Amazing.

14 |


3 years ago

I would love to learn "Here comes the River"

16 |


3 years ago

I would like the next one to be The Great Escape or Lost With You I love those songs πŸ’•

26 |


3 years ago

This was unnespected but never unneded

20 |


3 years ago

Thank you, Patrick! πŸ™

17 |


3 years ago

Well... I guess I wouldn’t have stopped my piano lessons if Patrick was my teacher...

7 |


3 years ago

You have a natural instructional style - very nice. If you're taking requests, do Shame, as one of my favorites.

19 |


3 years ago

You are one of the few artists who take much of their time to their followers and make this type of videos, in a few words you are a great person and as a human being someone incredible, we love you Patrick!

26 |


3 years ago

Man, I love you...

6 |


3 years ago

Please continue this series, I so so desperately need it. Make them longer too, I want to play ur music as complete as I can (they are the place for me)

6 |


3 years ago

Playing this beautiful song requires certain skill. But, composing and writing this piece of art requires special mind and soul. Soul and mind that you, sir Patrick, have!!!

10 |


3 years ago

β€œ if u practise I’ll give u a sticker β€œ 🀣🀣

3 |


3 years ago

I don't know what I've enjoyed more, if the music or your voice talking...

4 |


1 year ago

I did a piano cover of this I think a couple times on here. I find your music taking unexpected turns, so ethereal and beautiful. Love your music

1 |


3 years ago

You are without a doubt my favourite musician, your pieces are so atmospheric and I love all of them so dearly. Lighthouse was one of the first pieces I learned how to play when I got my first piano :)

15 |


3 years ago

I haven't played Piano in about 15 years but this might be the motivation I needed to start playing again.

1 |


3 months ago

A little late on the scene. Hans Zimmer and Billie Eilesh led the way here. What a great guy you are Patrick. Excellent teacher and the Satie influence shows. πŸ‘


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