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Je te laisserai des mots
153,855,228 Views • Jan 6, 2015 • Click to toggle off description
Provided to YouTube by Secret City Records Inc.

Je te laisserai des mots · Patrick Watson

Je te laisserai des mots

℗ 2010 Secret City Records, Inc.

Released on: 2010-09-10

Composer: Patrick Watson
Lyricist: Patrick Watson
Music Publisher: Secret City Publishing, Inc.

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Views : 153,855,228
Genre: Music
Date of upload: Jan 6, 2015 ^^

Rating : 4.973 (19,241/2,818,797 LTDR)
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YouTube Comments - 10K Comments

Top Comments of this video!! :3


4 years ago

Best random click of my life so far.

61K |


4 years ago

When u drop the homies home and switch to the music u like...

21K |


1 month ago (edited)

“I love him”
“Oh really? How much?” Enough to let be him happy with someone else

406 |


2 weeks ago

the number of people who cried to this music must be enormous

542 |


4 years ago

Me not knowing a lick of French still doesnt stop me from putting this song on my playlist.

9.1K |


3 years ago

This song makes me understand that you don't necessarily need language to understand emotion

22K |


3 weeks ago

I am jealous of people who are listening to this for the first time

604 |


2 weeks ago

Can we pay a moment of silence for this astonishing piece of art...❤❤

69 |


4 years ago

This song would play at the end of a movie about two friends or lovers, after one of them dies and the other is having flashbacks of the great times they had together while simultaneously losing their absolute shit over their passing

13K |


5 years ago

english lyrics: 
i'll leave you words
underneath your door
underneath the singing moon
near the place where your feet pass by
hidden in the holes of wintertime
and when you’re alone for a moment

kiss me

whenever you want

kiss me

whenever you want

kiss me

whenever you want.

14K |


2 months ago

I think the most well written music pieces are able to make you feel even if you don’t understand what they are talking about and it’s absolutely gorgeous

86 |


1 month ago

“Je te laisserai des mots
En dessous de ta porte En dessous de la lune qui chante Tout près de la place où tes pieds passent Cachés dans les trous, dans le temps d'hiver
Et quand tu es seule pendant un instant
Quand tu voudras
Quand tu voudras
Quand tu voudras”

165 |


4 years ago

it’s 4:30 am i’m watching the sun rise, the birds chirp, i haven’t slept all night only to feel this peaceful moment, the moment when only a few are awake and the dreams of others are still alive. the moment that you’re the only one in the world, a good world.

3.7K |


3 years ago

Why is it that I can't find people who listen to this type of music irl

2.9K |


1 month ago

Who is listening in 2024 and Still believe that next year is 2020?

184 |


2 months ago

Translated as “I’ll leave you some words”
This left me speechless A beautiful piece of art, nuff said

80 |


4 years ago

How is that possible that, I, as a French man, doesn't know about the existence of this masterpiece !?

3.1K |


3 years ago (edited)

Sometimes I get jealous of people who can make music, and express their feelings in such a beautiful way. I really wish I had enough talent to do the same
Edit: it’s been two years since I left this comment, most of the people tried to encourage me and tell me that it takes practice. Which im thankful for, it is very nice of you! at the moment of writing this comment I was feeling miserable lol. It’s been a hard times when this song found me. But it’s been 2 years and my opinions changed. Anyone can be whatever they put their mind into. So can I. So can y’all :) You Made me believe in human kindness! Thank you again!

28K |


2 months ago

I feel like I could drown in the memory of moments long forgotten, smiling with those I once promised forever with.

26 |


2 months ago

"ele é arte...mais bonito que as pinturas de Van Gogh,que os olhos de Capitu,e as músicas de Chico Buarque. Nenhuma arte de Pablo Picasso chegava aos pés dele. Ele é aquelas metáforas com significado profundo, é aqueles livros que quanto mais você lia mais fundo queria ir. Podiam se passar dias e ele sempre me surpreendia,não importava onde estava e nem com quem estaria. Todos podiam estar olhando pra mim,mas era nele em que eu me via."

67 |

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