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Patrick Watson - Here Comes The River (Official Video)
1,706,290 Views • Oct 24, 2019 • Click to toggle off description
Patrick Watson - "Here Comes The River", taken from the new album, 'Wave', out now

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Directed by Arizona O’Neill
Director of Photography: Bea Scharf-Pierzchala
Hair and Make-up: Miles Petrella
Metadata And Engagement

Views : 1,706,290
Genre: Music
Date of upload: Oct 24, 2019 ^^

Rating : 4.943 (330/22,861 LTDR)
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


4 years ago

I feel like there’s this feeling you get that you only experience when you listen to certain songs.
Your heart starts trembling ever so slightly, you feel tears welling up behind your eyes, your breathing gets just a little slower, and your emotions are so twisted. You’re a combination of inspired, depressed, hopeful, solemn, and calm.
This song does it.

974 |


11 months ago

this song has done more to help me process the loss of my daughter than any traditional therapy has. it so perfectly reflects my grief. “sometimes you got to just” said almost like a whisper and incomplete — because it’s up to us to live what that is. sometimes i got to just let the grief consume me, sometimes i got to just put one foot in front of the other, sometimes i got to just live and hope and rise again.

53 |


4 years ago

My dad:Put off that music!
My dad:We have bigger speakers upstairs

709 |


4 years ago

Life is full of terrible things but all these feellings, beauty and art make it worth to live.

574 |


4 years ago

In a real world, this is the kind of artist that tops the billboard chats and sells 2 million albums on his first week.

944 |


4 years ago

There is something in Mr Patrick Watson's songs that makes us addicted.
His poetry makes me listen to his songs 24 hours a day.

335 |


4 years ago

You don’t realize how meaningful it all is until you inadvertently cry at night

112 |


2 years ago

Thank you for the love everybody

7 |


3 years ago

Go and see that guy LIVE, it's breathtaking, comforting, moving, simply truly beautiful...

96 |


4 years ago

This has to be one of the most beautiful songs ever written.

I was so lucky to see and hear Patrick Watson two nights in a row last December; and both nights, standing in front of the stage listening, I was in tears during this piece, which cuts right to the heart. Anyone who has ever experienced intense sadness, for whatever reason, at some point during their life, will be affected by the tremendous emotion of this song...

I have been enthralled by each and every piece of Patrick Watson’s since he started out. There is truly no other musician remotely like him on earth. This song, along with others on this latest compilation...well, it’s some of the most beautiful and mesmerizing music ever written. May we have the joy of listening to Patrick Watson for decades and decades to come, please!

For those who love Montreal, like I do, the video, too, is exquisite! Montreal is beautiful, and the little dance Patrick Watson does towards the end of the video, well what can I say? It makes me smile (through my damp eyes). : )
Patrick Watson, thank you so, so, so much for making our lives better, every single day, through your music. I hope you realize how important you are, to so many people, and how your writing and singing have even changed our lives. This is heartfelt.

63 |


4 years ago

The day this album came out, and this song played in my work truck, I actually couldn't go into my next call since I began weeping relentlessly. It took me 30 minutes to gather myself and get back to work. That was a first for me. All too powerful!

296 |


1 year ago

tears. this is more than a song, this is an experience.

4 |


4 years ago

He did it again didn't he?❤

162 |


3 years ago

Heard this on The Walking Dead: World Beyond and God I'm so glad I did. This is phenomenal. Can't wait to dig into more of your songs.

152 |


1 year ago

I love how this song can be interpreted in so many different ways. For example, it could be talking about a real flood where people evacuate their houses but it could also be talking about a flood of tears, when things get too much and you find yourself not being able to stop crying. As well though, it could mean a metaphorical flood, as if you are drowning in all of your problems and hanging on to the last bit of hope ‘Mary kept sowing, holding on to her TV, even though the water was rising past her knees’. Beautiful song ❤️ Well done Patrick.

15 |


4 years ago

This is so beautiful Patrick. A gift for all those out there struggling to keep their heads above water. Thank you.

91 |


4 years ago

Montreal is beautifully shown here 💫

61 |


2 years ago

Heard this and let me tell you, I seen my future self look back at my present self, so as fast as I could, I couldn't stare. I'm not there anymore. If you're feeling all sorts of ways, I'm sorry and you're not alone. We're all going to get through whatever this is and I hope we see better days. Share each and every moment with your loved ones, we need you here with us. I'm very thankful for you. Let's all live for one another and help those in need.

6 |


3 years ago

"The windows turned to fishbowls
The city to seas
The cars were drowning underneath your feet
The children were swimming from the top of the trees
Crowds of umbrellas were staring in mis-belief
Well Mary kept sewing
Holding on to her TV
Even if the water was rising past her knees
Now here comes the river
Coming on strong
And you can't keep your head above these troubled waters
Here comes the river
Over the flames
Sometimes you got to burn to keep the storm away
Sometimes you got to just
Nobody told you it was going to be this hard
Something's been building behind your eyes
You lost what you hold onto
You're losing control
There ain't any words in this world
That's gonna cure this pain…"

48 |


2 years ago

Hello dear songwriting guru. This song spoke to the spare spaces in my heart. Thank you kindly for putting this out into the universe. It's become one of my favourite songs. You see, my husband of 36 years has Alzheimer's disease and he is slowly disappearing day by day. If you know this disease, you understand.

8 |

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