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Patrick Watson - How to play Lost With You (Tutorial by Patrick Watson)
28,812 Views • Sep 30, 2022 • Click to toggle off description
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Editing: Juan David Padilla
Shooting: Montana Martin Iles

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Lyrics :
The lost were playing in the yard
Giving goosebumps to all the Sunday summer trees
Our hands were tangled in the weeds
Moving so softly nobody can see

Against your morning skin
Well it's shy like two young lovers walking by
There’s a soft, strange kind of odd
Giving company to all the lonely hearts

There’s a hundred cigarettes on the ground
And our clothes are still hanging around
And it’s nice to be ugly in each other’s arms
So we can grow over all the things we were before

#PatrickWatson #LostWithYou #Tutorial #SecretCityRecords #2022
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Views : 28,812
Genre: Music
Date of upload: Sep 30, 2022 ^^

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