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Patrick Watson: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert
560,047 Views • May 31, 2012 • Click to toggle off description
With a gifted backing band on hand to help flesh out three songs from Adventures in Your Own Backyard, Watson conducts a swirl of interlocking loveliness that still finds room for surprises, from a singing saw to a microphone that makes his voice sound as if it's bouncing off some faraway satellite.

Set List:
"Adventures In Your Own Backyard"
"Words In The Fire"
"Into Giants"

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Views : 560,047
Genre: Music
Date of upload: May 31, 2012 ^^

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YouTube Comments - 377 Comments

Top Comments of this video!! :3


11 years ago

I'll always remember writing him a letter asking where I could purchase waterproof9 when it first came out in 2001 - he just mailed me the CD, and this has always stuck with me.

861 |


10 years ago

The most underrated singer of all time

331 |


2 years ago

Saw him live tonight in Toronto and life felt normal for a few hours. His music is like a hug. Intimate and majestic. What a treasure of a human.

116 |


5 months ago

I can't believe I just discovered Patrick Watson this year in 2023 😲😳. This man is talented, never heard an artist like him.

19 |


10 years ago

I seem to cry a lot when I watch Patrick Watson's performances on Youtube...and I'm a GROWN ASS MAN!

212 |


3 years ago

Since I couldn't find em elsewhere, here are the names of the musicians
Patrick Watson - Vocals
Simon Angell - Acoustic Guitar
Mishka Stein - Electric Guitar
Mélanie Bélair - Violin
Robbie Kuster - Percussion

129 |


5 years ago

The world isn't quite as awful when I listen to this

250 |


6 years ago

I want to go to a campfire party with Patrick Watson omg

89 |


3 years ago

One microphone for all this magic?? This is a TRUE Tiny Concert

99 |


10 years ago

I've seen Emmy award winners play music but never an Emmy award player

96 |


10 years ago

I have to see Patrick Watson live someday...

71 |


5 years ago

The workers who do this are so lucky to hear so many different bands and musicians right in front of them
Like I’ll never get to listen to even half of what they have

44 |


11 years ago

Patrick is soooo talented! To me, he is a classic. I have been a faithful fan since the beginning. Everything he produces is a m a z i n g, with complexities through vocals and instruments. I appreciate his music. He is musically genius.

29 |


6 years ago

Every performance I see from these guys Patrick is always keeping his hands very busy with lots of flailing gestures. I love it lmao

37 |


5 months ago

Went to his concert in Philly in 2023 and he was nuts. The music was beautiful. He makes everything up as he goes and conducts the entire band. It was beautiful

2 |


10 years ago

his eyebrows are magnificent.

18 |


3 years ago

Does someone else keep coming here to feel alive?

24 |


4 years ago

doesnt he have one of the most beautiful, soft and controlled voices in contemporary indie / folk?? can't believe no one else is commenting on that. i love his voice! <3

11 |


3 years ago

here 9 years later. still beautiful

4 |


11 months ago

I love watching musicians who clearly FEEL the music. On another plane.

2 |

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