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How to make your own studio with Patrick Watson and Montana Myles - Part 2
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17,775 Views • Apr 9, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
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Editing: Juan David Padilla

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Date of upload: Apr 9, 2023 ^^

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1 year ago


7 |


4 weeks ago

Thanks for your Help ❤️



1 year ago

Thank you for taking the time to share your wisdom and opinions on music and composition

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1 year ago

Love hearing your input! I’m a protools girl as well as I love ableton for creating! Daws are so much fun! Also depending on your converters you will definitely have different tone and colour to your mix. Keep the series up!🥳

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3 months ago




1 year ago

I use Logic Pro mostly. I have trouble getting Pro Tools to work on my computer. It always crashes on me.

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7 months ago

Nice vid. I'm still running Logic 8 off a 2008 macbook pro with no battery (it exploded) - but still runs off the mains, so yay. Desperately need to get a new set-up and scared to death about - but got to be done. Love your studio space btw.



6 months ago

Manda um salve ❤❤❤❤😅😊

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1 year ago

Hi there! Will there ever be a restock of songbook volume 1? I would love to buy it.



1 year ago

Patrick why aren’t you coming to Portugal to give a concert?



1 year ago

I’m not a pro but I will try for you 2 ❤and yeah love you 2 have a great day love you so much I’m obsessed with your music I Will try that ❤❤❤❤❤❤and you 2 are so Fanny love you ❤️❣️🤟🏼❤️❣️❤️


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