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How to write lyrics with Patrick Watson – Part 2
45,730 Views • Feb 22, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
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Editing: Juan David Padilla
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Views : 45,730
Genre: Music
Date of upload: Feb 22, 2023 ^^

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YouTube Comments - 11 Comments

Top Comments of this video!! :3


1 year ago

I love this! It’s so interesting to see this perspective in writing from someone who’s music moves me so much! I’m definitely tuning in anytime you post a new video :))

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8 months ago

It feels like we are just sitting in the studio with you. Very interesting and great format!

2 |


1 year ago

So awesome you mention and praise other artists. Sufjan Stevens is certainly one of the greatest; great to hear that from an artist like you I also admire. I also checked Satie because you mentioned it in one of your piano tutorials. Greetz from a fanboy from The Netherlands.

1 |


1 year ago

We know a little more than the genius of man, what comes out of his inspiration and genius to make music will surely be great, a big hug from Mexico



11 months ago

Helping me in my music writing process, thanks a lot!



11 months ago

I just want to wander around the world and write songs with Patrick now haha



1 year ago

Loving these insights (and book/music recommendations!) Thank you for sharing your creativity and process. xox Do you have a specific notebook/scrapbook you write ideas in? Or do you voice record ideas? Or both? Do you write longhand or on a computer?

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1 year ago

They made a movie out of Jesus's Son that is phenomenal!! Luv that book!

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1 year ago

You know what helps appreciate and reach further? Languages... There's so much stuff produced by countries in languages we can't absorb...



1 year ago

Thank you for being such a kind and beautiful Human Patrick!
I'm an artist to whom music comes naturally, I have millions of melodies and music that comes to me on a daily basis for years and finally trying to make something out of it. The writing part is the intimidating part for me. So Thank you Beautiful Human!

I heard " Je te laisserai les mots when I was in a dark place of my life and you helped me out! Thank YOU!

On a cold night in Toronto, sitting in hotel past midnight not knowing where life was leading .....I played your song out loud and started dancing! It was that or suicide...
Thank you.

Here is the small clip

All the joy and Blessings from the world beautiful human! Thank you again for blessing the world with your gifts.

Francois. Toronto.

3 |


1 year ago

Just from the phrase alone, Jesus' Song sounds like an intriguing song.


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