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Patrick Watson - Drive (Official Video)
304,597 Views β€’ Jul 8, 2020 β€’ Click to toggle off description
Patrick Watson - "Drive", taken from the new album, 'Wave', out now

Buy 'Wave':

Director: Brett Novak
Skater: Kilian Martin
DoP: Max Flick
Camera: Brett Novak & Max Flick
Editor: Brett Novak
Production Assistants: Hunter O’Shea & Buster O’Shea

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Views : 304,597
Genre: Music
Date of upload: Jul 8, 2020 ^^

Rating : 4.971 (69/9,342 LTDR)
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


3 years ago

Patrick's style of music is out of this world. He has a unique style and listening to his songs is therapeutic. Much love πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬

40 |


3 years ago

I hope you can see this! I have been listening to your music for 9 years now and I am 20. Your music changes my life in a way that you can never imagine! You helped me get through loads of obstacles and every time I am depressed, I would always play your music to soothe my soul! There is some kind of magic in your voice, some kind of energy that I can never found in other's music. Your music teaches me to stay strong, dare to dream, and truly connect my energy with my surroundings! I just can't express my gratitude towards you and your band, as such beauty can exist in this chaotic world! Thank you so much and I would keep supporting your music until the day I die because you never disappoint. 😍 I wish I can listen to your concert one day!! Love from Hong Kong.

91 |


3 years ago

I cannot explain in words how much I adore this mans art

36 |


1 year ago

Please don't stop making music. I am waiting for me to be financially stable and to go to one of your concert πŸ’•πŸ’•

6 |


3 years ago

Released this at a perfect time, really needed to hear this and feel comfort from you again Patrick. Thank you so much for what you do ❀️

105 |


3 years ago

Drive, drive, drive, drive
You want to drive all night
Follow the yellow lines
Don't stop or look behind
And you don't want to know where you're going
Just want to get lost sometimes together
Drive, drive, drive, drive
Get lost together


Want to get lost?
You don't want to know where you're going
Stepping through a hallway of trees
Getting lost to nowhere's good to me
Wild eyes in the high, high beams
Staring back at me

Into endless night

Wild eyes staring back at me
Wild eyes staring back at me
Wild eyes staring back at me

116 |


3 years ago

Absolutely magical. Still trying to convince my friends to listen to his music

115 |


3 years ago

Great Album! Always recommend to my friends, and surprised that a lot more people don't listen to Patrick and his band. However, having seen him 3 times live - Wayhome festival in Canada, Lisbon and Quebec city - its amazing to experience their concerts in smaller and cozier venues rather than big arenas. Patrick + band, please keep making amazing music, our souls need it!

36 |


3 years ago

I cannot put to words how much I love this! β™‘

27 |


3 years ago

Your songs are magical, stunningly brilliant, ethereal and takes your listeners to a different level. Hoping to get some amazing creations this year too, will be waiting...

18 |


3 years ago

One of the most truly beautiful songs I've experienced. Added to the tripping playlist

6 |


2 years ago

Patrick's music makes me feel like there's more to life and takes me away from this reality for a brief moment. I think thats awesome. ❀️

3 |


3 years ago

This song is amazing! I discovered you 3 days ago and I’ve been addicted. I’m still getting through your older stuff so I haven’t gotten to wave yet, but this is a great sneak peek :) truly incredible

21 |


3 years ago

Been listening to Patrick Watson on repeat lately so perfect timing

5 |


3 years ago


7 |


3 years ago

For me this completes the circle, I have always loved skate videos, and when Brett Novak put out Kilian Martin: A Skate Regeneration I watched it so many times that I started to realize that Patrick Watson was also a central part of my love for that video. Sought his other songs out and have been a massive fan ever since. And now we have a Patrick Watson video with Killian Martin shot by Brett Novak. LOVE IT!
1:23 is sooooo sick!

2 |


3 years ago

The music is so hauntingly beautiful and atmospheric, I forgot to pay attention to the music video... didn’t even know there is skating involved haha... so cinematic

9 |


3 years ago

Killian, this guy give me the opportunity to know Patrick trough his skate videos, gracias Kilian desde Canarias.

14 |


8 months ago

patrick's music feels some sort of way that it's so hard to put into words



3 years ago

Beautiful, you are amazing Patrick, we love you.

3 |

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