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Patrick Watson - Melody Noir (Official Video)
2,109,765 Views • Jul 10, 2018 • Click to toggle off description
Patrick Watson - “Melody Noir”, the new single.
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Directed by Patrick Watson & Brigitte Poupart
Produced by Olivier Sirois

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Views : 2,109,765
Genre: Music
Date of upload: Jul 10, 2018 ^^

Rating : 4.965 (350/39,455 LTDR)
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YouTube Comments - 604 Comments

Top Comments of this video!! :3


5 years ago

This musician is simply on another level. And how the entire world doesn’t know of him is a mystery to me.

2K |


4 years ago

this song reminds me of memories i don’t have

977 |


2 years ago

Patrick Watson merece más reconocimiento, su música es arte.

434 |


1 year ago

This is a version of the song "Tonada de Luna Llena", written and performed by the Venezuelan master Simón Diaz. Amazing and beautiful!

128 |


4 years ago

I went to see Patrick performing 5 days ago ( Joliette, near from Montreal) . My third time, always amazing...

This song, as Patrick explained, means that we have to embrace the emptiness inside of us because this is what drives us to create, to go forward.

236 |


5 years ago

This song is a masterpiece. His voice brings music to another level.

134 |


5 years ago

This is like from another reality. So special, unique and beautiful. 🖤✨

282 |


1 year ago

I’m deeply grateful that my dad raised me on Patrick Watson. He painted me a lense to get through life on, he pathed a way for me to understand the art of music and composition in its truest form which made me a better instrumentalist, and that’s why my standards as a musician are so high. No one can beat this dude.

24 |


1 year ago

This is not music, Patrick is art.

7 |


3 years ago

Love from Istanbul! ❣️

35 |


5 years ago

This song and the video are like a sweet dream,seen through your eyelashes...half reality half fantasy...

32 |


8 months ago

It's not music, it's a work of art

3 |


3 years ago

If this ain't playing in my wedding, I ain't coming

12 |


2 years ago

The most beautiful thing is not just this tribute to Simón Díaz, but the fact that he even has references to venezuelan national dancers with the traditional costumes, las bailarinas de danza nacionalista. So unique.

‘’Ser un buen venezolano, no es solamente haber nacido en esta tierra. Es respetarla, abrazarla y es quererla. Y es el orgullo que se siente de tenerla. ’’
Simón Díaz.

74 |


5 years ago

I live for patrick's music ! Just incredible

76 |


2 years ago

I'm lying in bed with bad pain, but music gives me goosebumps and brings me back to life🕊️

11 |


3 years ago

this song is so unique to me, gets me everytime. in a week my dear boyfriend moves to another country. i have loved this song for a really long time and at the beginning of our relationship (he knew that i loved this song) one night we went to one of our first dates and he surprised me with a picnic by the sea with this song playing. and i couldn't find anything to say because i really valued this song. i just cried and kissed him. now it has been two years and we are getting into a long distance relationship. it is hard but when i listen to this it softens my heart.

9 |


3 years ago

This is gonna be my first dance song at my wedding no doubt! If i find a love who worths it. Made me feel so different

11 |


3 years ago

I put this song when ever i m having an anxiety attack and it really helps me SOO much . If i could listen to one song for my whole life it will be melody noir . It s been playing in my mind for the past 2 weeks

12 |


3 years ago

Sublime! Es la perfecta fusión entre melodías folklóricas latinoamericanas y música contemporánea, aunque con una nostalgia más intensa. Los arreglos y la musicalización son magistrales. Bravísimo!

32 |

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