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How to play Je te laisserai des mots (Tutorial by Patrick Watson)
484,101 Views • Mar 22, 2022 • Click to toggle off description
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Views : 484,101
Genre: Music
Date of upload: Mar 22, 2022 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


1 year ago

Transcribed this by ear a year ago and it's become one of my favorite songs. It's super rare and so amazing to see the songwriter help people learn their pieces.

1.2K |


1 year ago

OMG I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS ONE SINCE 3 YEARS AGOO THANK YOU SM!! I really love all your songs please come back :"))

1.6K |


1 year ago

He is so sweet the way he teaches piano, I wanna cry. 😭😂 And even putting the lyrics up! French is ridiculously hard for me to pronounce/learn and the way you pronounced it was very helpful. But mostly, I just love the way you carry yourself and how welcoming you are for novice piano players. You seem very kind and patient and I love that in everybody, thank you! ♥

420 |


1 year ago

ive been absolutely in love with this song since i first discovered it in 2017 and it makes me so happy how much recognition it gets these days! ive learned another synthesia version in the past but now i’m gonna learn this one as well! much love🧡

472 |


1 year ago

I cannot explain it, but this song takes me to a peaceful place. But not just peaceful, a place where everything get forgotten - not lost, forgotten. I am at peace when I hear this.

Thank you so much for releasing this masterpiece !

89 |


1 year ago

Jamais trop tard pour apprendre que "embrasse-moi" , c’est ramasse-moi. J’aime encore davantage la chanson. Merci et bien hâte de vous voir à Cowansville en juin.

105 |


5 months ago

As a pianist who has not touched a piano in years - this just made me wanna sit down and play this! Love!!!!!!

11 |


1 year ago

I learned to play the piano when I was a little girl. Same with Spanish. Here I am, age 57 and didn't keep either up.
Getting old is a trap ... and learning new things is hard.
However, thank you for this simple tutorial. You are a humble and gracious man. Thank you for sharing.

62 |


1 year ago

Patrick merece más reconocimiento por tan hermosas letras que son capaces de alojarse en el alma. Usted es admirable.

Agradezco el tutorial, falta el piano.♡

487 |


1 year ago

beautiful songs patrick. thanks for giving us a break of this world with them <3

106 |


9 months ago

He has such a phenominal voice, it’s like the most perfect mix of raspy, angelic, and somehow nostalgic. It feels like being teleported to another world.
And the piano of this song is insanely beautiful. One of my absolute favorite songs of all time.

25 |


1 month ago

A tutorial from the artist?! And it's one of the best I've ever seen?! Wow, I feel honored to have found this. Thank you for sharing and for creating this beautiful song. ❤

3 |


1 year ago


Seriously though you're truly a gem thank you for this

27 |


1 year ago

This song is part of the love story between my husband and I, thanks for making it ♡♡♡

56 |


8 months ago

You don’t realize how much your work has helped me in a dark place. Thank you so much for being you. Thank you for helping people like me express through your music.

5 |


1 year ago

I'm not a pianist, I've never played it in my life but I'm here enjoying this cuz I'm obsessed and curious about how this masterpiece was created thank you Patrick you are a legend <3

10 |


1 year ago

It' crazy because I am not a piano player, not a musician at all but I was very curious to see this tutorial. Je te laisserai des mots is one of my favorite songs: it makes me feel very emotional like every one of us here, I guess. I am french and the fact that some of the words are not very clear to me, makes this song even more touching and powerful, in fact. Your accent make it more vulnarable and charming. And of course, I thought you said "Embrasse-moi quand tu voudras" ! Having the translation is great: it is like descovering a new treasure ! Thanks Patrick !

11 |


1 year ago

Recently, I’ve been wanting to learn how to play this on the piano because it has quickly become one of my favorite songs, and this video couldn’t have come at a better time. Thank you so much for this, words themselves cannot convey the gratitude I feel for this tutorial. 💜😊

35 |


6 months ago

this man is an absolute angel, wow. and to me, nothing feels righter than learning to play a song by the very person who wrote it. this may be my favourite song of all time, it's so beautiful. and now, i am on my way to being able to play it ♡

4 |


1 year ago

this is one of my most favorite songs and it is so sweet that the composer himself is teaching us how to play the song

3 |

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