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Cinematic Orchestra feat. Patrick Watson - To Build A Home (Live)
13,050,099 Views • Sep 27, 2007 • Click to toggle off description
The Cinematic Orchestra's "To Build A Home" featuring Patrick Watson live at The Barbican in London in 2007.

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Views : 13,050,099
Genre: Music
Date of upload: Sep 27, 2007 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


2 months ago

Who's still watching this in 2024?

104 |


10 years ago

amazing how once you listen to this, you don't want to listen to anything else for a while

4.1K |


9 months ago

I lost my wife (46y) 6 months ago and found this song by accident. I cry every time I listen it. It is hard to keep going on sometimes. I miss her so much.

210 |


4 years ago

I first heard this song when I was lost in heroin addiction, a very dark place. It touched my soul and and I knew there was more to life than the existence I was experiencing at that time. I am clean three years and in college, this song reminds me of how valuable and precious life really is.

1.5K |


7 years ago

props to the audience for keeping silent throughout the song to really take it in. that's what makes live music so beautiful.

2.3K |


10 years ago

it took the universe 13.7 billion years to form this song.

6.4K |


2 years ago

14 years later and this is still a masterpiece

308 |


9 months ago

Every time I hear this I cry. My son played this all the time on the piano; and tragically passed in a bicycle accident. I see him in this beautiful piece of music, and I miss him dearly. 🧡

196 |


7 years ago

Dad you are in every note of this song..I miss you every day, every second..

1.3K |


9 years ago

Every time I hear this song I get so emotionally wrecked. It's a roller coaster. First it's beautiful, then I'm crying for no reason and oh gosh it's so beautiful words can't comprehend how much this song means to me. It just has so much meaning to me I don't think I will every be able to explain it. I've never loved a song so much. His voice is so touching, and the progressively louder piano and instruments give me such major chills. Words cannot describe how much I enjoy and cherish this masterpiece. I hope others feel the same way

3.1K |


1 year ago

14yrs ago my beautiful bride walked down the aisle to this song. It was theeee most beautiful thing Ive ever seen. Watching her baking ginger bread right now and she’s still the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen ❤️🔥

51 |


3 months ago

This song is an emotion on its own.

6 |


7 years ago

This song touches me in a place I didn't know existed

1.2K |


7 years ago

It's 3 in the morning and I'm crying so hard. This is why I love music so much. This is why I love life. I'm so happy that I'm alive and can listen to this work of art.

1.6K |


3 years ago

I will always, always, return to this video.

59 |


3 years ago

2021? This is a masterpiece

165 |


8 years ago

I'm fucking crying for no reason. I love this song so much.

331 |


7 years ago

I listened to this song walking home from school after I learned my sister had committed suicide. This song will forever have meaning to me and will always tear me to bits. By the grace of God they were able to revive her at the hospital, but I will never forget that feeling I had that cold winter day.

3K |


4 years ago

There's something magical about the live version, he is singing from the heart.

157 |


2 years ago

This mans voice is angelic.

43 |

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