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Patrick Watson - Look At You (Official Video)
258,850 Views • Jan 23, 2020 • Click to toggle off description
Patrick Watson - "Look At You", taken from the new album, 'Wave', out now

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Directed by Arizona O'Neill
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Views : 258,850
Genre: Music
Date of upload: Jan 23, 2020 ^^

Rating : 4.976 (27/4,542 LTDR)
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YouTube Comments - 125 Comments

Top Comments of this video!! :3


2 years ago

Solo la música de Patrick Watson, puede aliviar el alma,és el remedio perfecto que necesita el mundo...
Simplemente bello 💙
Gracias, gracias!!

21 |


4 years ago

I've seen Patrick Watson 3 times in show and each time he finds the way to take me in another dimension. I'll never regret paying for being able to live such an amazing experience.

61 |


2 years ago

Demasiado infravalorada la música de Patrick y él en si como artista, merece más reconocimiento 😭

11 |


3 years ago

Such a beautiful day
Must have been the company

It's not that it was extraordinary
Just that the ordinary
Stood up and was staring back at me

There's not a thought that I could hear
There's a thousand-person choir singing in my ears
And you're drowning into it happily, hmm

And are you scared
Of how good it feels?

There's a shimmering light in the back of my mind
I know it sounds cheap 'cause everything rhymes
I think it's just the way that I look at you

There's a shimmering light in the back of my mind
I know it sounds cheap 'cause everything rhymes
I think it's just the way that I look at you

Does anybody have the time and how old am I?
Can someone tell me what is happening?

There's a shimmering light in the back of my mind
I know it sounds cheap 'cause every rhymes
Can someone tell me what is happening?
Maybe it's just the way that I look at you

74 |


3 years ago

i have absolutely no idea why this guy is not hugely famous. Utterly brilliant.

6 |


4 years ago

Watson doesn't need the world. The world needs Watson.

248 |


3 years ago

Love love love. Why aren't there more views of this? It is so good, it is beyond words. Love your poetry, the reflection of your soul.

16 |


11 months ago

Yesterday I listened to a part of all your albums and I just want to thank you for making such amazing music with so much love, thank you Patrick. you make the poetry rise even higher with that melody.

2 |


4 years ago

OMG I WAS THERE! The video was filmed in a show in Montreal, Quebec (Canada) and it was one of my favourite show ever, what a great artist you are M. Watson❤️

38 |


4 months ago

Como não acalmar a alma com canções tão leves de se escutar?!



1 year ago

i miss her so much . everytime this song shuffles on my playlist it reminds me and how happy she made me . i’m going to
miss her and eventually get over in the future but i’ll always have a place in my heart for her , forever.

5 |


3 years ago

Watsons music is the kind of music you want to close your eyes to and listen to it with your heart

6 |


3 years ago

Przy takich utworach tylko miłe wspomnienia zaprzątają głowę i tęsknimy, za czymś co już nie wróci..

3 |


3 years ago

The sweetest song I've ever heard

76 |


3 years ago

I just listened to a song call build a home, such an amazing experience to my ears and soul!!! Now I need to hear all your songs!!! Hello from Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Mexico. 🙋🏾‍♂️

14 |


1 year ago

I love to find new kind of artists, i found him since a week ago and i barely listen to other artist anymore. genius!

2 |


2 years ago

The most perfect song on this planet!

4 |


4 years ago

Calmaria em forma de art ❤️

5 |


4 weeks ago

Hi Patrick. I remember my sister trying to get me to listen to some of your songs. I heard a couple and liked them, but I never truly LISTENED to them at the time. Then, like you, a chapter in my life came over me like a ‘Wave’ and then it hit me. Your music resonated through me and helped me breathe while under the waters. You are a genius and seem like a really nice guy. Thankyou for your amazing music and helping me through these difficult times in my life. God bless you.



4 years ago

This is my favourite song in this album. Hope I can experience seeing you live one day. Would love if you could come to Brazil 🇧🇷

5 |

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