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Patrick Watson - Height of the Feeling (Official Video)
82,304 Views • Premiered Sep 8, 2022 • Click to toggle off description
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Views : 82,304
Genre: Music
Date of upload: Premiered Sep 8, 2022 ^^

Rating : 4.949 (39/3,016 LTDR)

98.72% of the users lieked the video!!
1.28% of the users dislieked the video!!
User score: 98.08- Overwhelmingly Positive

RYD date created : 2024-04-14T18:50:47.958026Z
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


1 year ago

Patrick, sometimes i feel and i think that life is not worth living for. But your music, Pat, your music is one of the reasons that i appreciate life. Thank you, Patrick.

50 |


1 year ago

The guy is an absolute genius

10 |


1 year ago

Those vocal harmonies are killing me!!!

13 |


1 year ago

waiting for new music, sorry for consuming too fast

81 |


1 year ago

Me encantas tu música Patrick ❤️💕

22 |


10 months ago

Beautiful ❤

3 |


1 year ago

I have the biggest crush on Patrick!!! So lovely 🎶

4 |


1 year ago

This is just the best .... so much fun ..... I love all the expressions on your faces and the great wardrobe. Cute seeing Heather and her puppy filling up the washing machine. BTY cool dance moves Patrick. 😀💗

5 |


1 year ago

I love you and your music so much, Patrick. Thank you for giving us your music.

9 |


1 year ago

De las tantas cosas que tengo en común con mi esposa es el amor y admiración a tu música, a tus músicos que te acompañan, admiración completá a ustedes!!! Hemos tenido el privilegio de verlos en la CDMX y tomarnos fotos con ustedes... Simplemente sus canciones son himnos y poemas de amor para mi esposa y para mí, los cuales nos recuerdan cada día el amor entre nosotros... Muchas gracias Patrick y compañía!!!

14 |


1 year ago

You are so great, PATRICK WATSON! Plus you just get cuter and cuter 😁La Force and the video are wonderful, too. Your music is always amazing, OVER AND OVER! 🤗🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Thank you for being you!

2 |


1 year ago

Eres la definición de lo que significa el arte 🌟

14 |


2 months ago

Another blissful song that sticks in my mind for days ♥bless your heart Patrick

1 |


1 year ago

Patrick Watson es simplemente un genio musical lo que toca hace magia en llegar a tantas gentes corazónes, es música que se siente, la vives, en fin buenisma toda su discografia vamos a esperar este gran video

64 |


9 months ago

Song+video+ artists = superbe❤

2 |


1 year ago

I like everything about this song...interesting, unique: A great vibe!

5 |


1 year ago


8 |


1 year ago

This was so fun to watch!!! So many different elements to capture your attention!! 💗

6 |


1 year ago

Your music is so unique and touching - totally in its own space and time 👏👏👏

11 |

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