im kinda sad and everyone is out partying and im so angsty so yeah just finished this demo ;//
its on soundcloud too:
also here's my other music:…
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Marie Ulven Ringheim is a Norwegian singer-songwriter and record producer, known for her indie pop project Girl in Red. Her early EPs Chapter 1 (2018) and Chapter 2 (2019) were recorded in her bedroom and feature songs about romance and mental health. Released through AWAL, her debut studio album If I Could Make It Go Quiet (2021), was a critical and commercial success, and won three Norwegian Grammy Awards, including Album of the Year.

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Lilac Angel

My girlfriend just broke up with me. We used to listen to your music together, thank you for numbing my heart

4 years ago - 10K Likes

kayla sorrells

she has liked all of these comments and honestly its really nice to see an artist who actually cares about their fans and what they have to say.

4 years ago - 5.6K Likes


my history isn't with a human girl, but...
She was my life, my motivation. Her name was Duchess, a cat! she was my best friend since 2009
Last year she run away and never came back. She stole my heart and all the things that actually made me stay here. She literally was my entire life
Everytime i listen this song my face turns red and i explode in tears. She will never be replaced...
All I'm worried about is whether she really felt how much i loved her.

So, this song is for you
mi pequeña duque.

2 years ago - 1.1K Likes

Elise Simone

I don’t even HAVE a girlfriend but I still miss her

2 years ago - 3.4K Likes

恋 sharky

I’m a bisexual girl, and my boyfriend broke up with me recently. He broke up with me 4 times. Every time he broke up with me I would run back to him, cause I couldn’t forget him. I felt heartbroken, and I couldn’t stop the cycle until my (now boyfriend) best friend came to me and helped me get out of the cycle. I fell in love with him and forgot about my ex.

I’m sorry it’s not really a gay story on a gay song, I just wanted to show my experience on not being able to forget somebody.. it’s terrible.

2 years ago - 3.9K Likes

Ellis Lol

This song makes me miss my non existent girlfriend

edit: it’s been a year and it turns out i’m trans ftm and i’m gay so i guess this makes me miss my non existent boyfriend

2 years ago - 2.5K Likes

karol zd

i don't want you to be famous because you are treasure but also i want you to be famous and play in my country

4 years ago - 6.6K Likes

milf awareness

All of your songs match so perfectly with the shit I'm currently going through idk if I'm imagining it or if I have a stalker

4 years ago - 433 Likes


i just realised, that she was, and still is everything to me
i love her eyes, nose, lips, her cute smile, and wonderful laugh.
i want her, i really do
but she has someone better...

2 years ago - 713 Likes

Cat Central

My old friends: no boys are going to like you if you keep-
Me: *laughs in bisexual *

2 years ago - 1K Likes

Tamara P.

I spend all my days
Trying to forget her face
She's so hard to erase
I don't think she can be replaced

She stole my heart and ran away
Left me with some things to say
I don't understand

She stole my heart and ran away
Left me with some things to say
I don't understand

I spend all my days
Thinking of her embrace
The way it slowly changed
Some things will never fade

She stole my heart and ran away
Left me with some things to say
I don't understand

She stole my heart and ran away
Left me with some things to say
I don't understand

3 years ago - 2.8K Likes


I wonder what its like to break someones heart, and then they make a song about it. And you know its about you. Would you feel bad?

3 years ago - 655 Likes

Madeline Jurek

We demand the full version. GIVE THE GAYS WHAT THEY WANT

4 years ago - 926 Likes

playkoi 68g

I've loved a straight girl for 2 years. I'm trying so hard to forget her its painful

2 years ago - 166 Likes


meanwhile I`m here crying because I`ve been in love with this girl for 5 years, I just got the courage to tell her...she said she can`t be with me...she still talks to me but It feels forced and I`m just trying to make her feel happy because I still love her beautiful smile when she looks at me when her strong arms wrap around me and when she tells me she loves me, i feel like I can fly even though I`m crying every other night but I`m one of her closest girl friends.(>_<)

3 years ago - 381 Likes


This song makes me want to fly 192 miles to go give my s/o a hug

2 years ago - 157 Likes


I am a lesbian who has a complication with my feelings for a girl who I want to stay in my heart, but she left me due to her liking a transgender boy, I can't help but to think about her..

1 hour ago - 0 Likes


no one:
me :crying during a mental breakdown at 3 am and listening to this

2 years ago - 853 Likes


well bless my sad, tired, lesbian heart

4 years ago - 3.2K Likes


I was kinda surprised when the song ended suddenly but then I realized that was what the song was about enjoying something and then it ends abruptly

2 years ago - 20 Likes