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Billie Eilish - CHIHIRO (Official Music Video)
9,620,263 Views • Jun 6, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
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Directed by Billie Eilish

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Music video by Billie Eilish performing CHIHIRO. © 2024 Darkroom/Interscope Records

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Views : 9,620,263
Genre: Music
Date of upload: Jun 6, 2024 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


1 week ago

Each door symbolises a different scenario that she’s recounted over and over in her head. She shuts all the doors, then opens the exit to be met with a strong gust of wind, sobering. She’s alone but finds herself running away from her past. He grabs her, not allowing her to leave, but she loves this. Two lovers, unrequited in their own love for each other. A dying flame, fuelled by the “what-if’s” behind every door.

20K |


1 week ago

No one’s talking about the choreography of their fighting… it’s so raw and almost violent in a rly striking way that I’ve never seen before. This is so incredible and beautiful and new. Thank you Billie <3

2.1K |


2 days ago

Anyone else have pretend arguments in their head with the person that scarred you where shit gets resolved and then you remember in real life you froze every time you had the chance to say something of importance

203 |


2 days ago

The obsession and dependency for someone you've grown to hate is like nothing else.

177 |


1 week ago

The way she portrayed the toxic relationship in the best way possible and the DIRECTING HELLOO !!!?????

6.4K |


1 week ago

Her hair in the wind when she opens the door! It was so a Chihiro reference!

10K |


3 days ago

As a Japanese person with a deep connection to Ghibli, I am very happy that Billie Eilish has created a new song inspired by Spirited Away. I love this song, "CHIHIRO."❤️

909 |


2 days ago

imagine being 22yo and making art like this. insane

381 |


1 week ago

billie playing with her hair while singing and smiling into the camera looking absolutely gorgeous LIKE WHAT ABOUT OUR MENTAL HEALTH BILLIE 😩

18K |


1 week ago

The instrumental is intoxicating. It's almost like Billie's vocals took a back seat, to let the beat shine but they did it on purpose

7.2K |


3 days ago

When Billie Eilish was playing with her hair smiling at the camera was ✨gorgeous✨

151 |


3 days ago

"CHiHIRO," I feel like I'm walking through a dreamscape, each note and lyric pulling me deeper into a world of raw emotion and haunting beauty. Her voice resonates with a vulnerability that's both powerful and mesmerizing, making me reflect on my own experiences and emotions in a profoundly personal way. This track isn't just a song; it's an intimate journey that stays with you long after the music fades.

222 |


1 week ago


7.7K |


1 week ago


23K |


1 day ago

My interpretation is that the song is about a girl in a toxic relationship that decides to cut off the relationship and take a time because she not longer feels love for him. In the other side, he doesnt want her to leave, but at the same time he warns her that he might not be longer available for her once she tries to reach him again. maybe because is a nostalgic feeling what takes her back to him, but when she faces him, she calls him, she is finally aware about the true self of him, thats why she doesnt know him at all, even tho he said her it was really serious the relationship for him (a lie). Just a really really toxic relationship she just got to see the reality and left the delusion she had of him.

27 |


3 days ago

billie you deserve an oscar after this congratulations you are incredible I LOVE CHIHIRO

40 |


1 week ago

She might've eaten lunch but served us a three course meal with this one

24K |


1 week ago


4.2K |


2 days ago

Song of the year

8 |


1 week ago

The lyrics: 😭😞😔🫤🙍‍♂️🌧️ The beat: 🕺🪩

4.2K |

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