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sux man // turn quality up to 1080p or sumtin , AND just so there's no misunderstandings; i am n o t gloryfying depression, or do not try to ''promote'' it as something aestethic. this is my own experience and my lyrcis are very straight forward with no filter cuz thats how lyf is ;-( anyways, hope you all are well and if you need to talk to someone please do it really helps :))
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Views : 6,782,315
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Date of upload: Feb 15, 2018 ^^

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Thank you so much everyone. I read all ur comments and i really feel the love. 🖤🥀



lana del rey: summertime sad-



I thought I was the only one feeling depressed during summer.. I feel way better knowing I’m not the only one



this song hits so different when you don't have any friends, it's the summer holidays and you see people's stories with them having fun while your just rotting in your room.



it’s weird how comforting this is, when it’s the exact opposite for me. in the winter i feel depressed, i barely have any time to do anything. but this song is a huge comfort



"I wanna stay home and never go outside."
Coronavirus: Granted.



This song defines the summers of my life. I stoke to get out of school and have summer vacation, but all I did was stay in the house unless it was absolutely necessary to go out and lay in my bed on my phone and occasionally go downstairs to eat. Or maybe watch some tv in the living room. I get tired of being on my phone a couple minutes later and I just lay in my bed and think about how I’m wasting my time. Most importantly my life. I check social media and see how kids from my school are doing things and I’m here on my bed. This is how I always feel.



lana del rey: summertime sadness
mxmtoon: seasonal depression girl in red: summer depression



Say I if your confused about your sexuality, but having a girl in red marathon at night alone and then figuring out your most likely a lesbian, and crying because your family isnt really that supportive, and realizing that your life is going to be pretty bad, but your still kinda confused. And you find all the girls in this video extremely attractive.
Me: I



A summer bop for sad kids tbh



Me you
Laying in the grass Talking about our depression It's a date



hey you scrolling down here,
just wanted to remind you that you're important and you're strong no matter what, please eat well and take care of yourself,someone loves you.



currently listening in december💯and really feeling it :(



I love how your voice is so calming and the videos are always incredible



s o c i a l a n x i e t y



what im hearing is that girl in red predicted corona



I really like how her songs give off a chill 80s vibe with that touch of millenial and big slap of reality.



real sad boi hours



i just wanna date u and sit down with u and drink some coffee and talk about why we hurt and ill make sure u dont hurt anymore
i love u



To all depressed kids out there, we'll get through this


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