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6,677,654 Views • Apr 14, 2020 • Click to toggle off description
my new song midnight love.

photograph by fabian fjeldvik

u can listen to it here : girlinred.ffm.to/midnightlove-single

my insta: gir.lnk.to/InstagramYD
twitter : gir.lnk.to/TwitterYD
loml tik Tok! : gir.lnk.to/tiktokYD


i know i don’t want to
be the one that you run to
when you got nowhere else to go
when you need some love
i know i’m the last one
you try to call
but i always give in
to give you it all

i can’t be your midnight love
when your silver is my gold
in this light
i swear i’m blind
in this light
i swear you’re mine

i hope that the right time
one day arrives
so i’ll be willing
to let this die
able to look you
right in the eyes
and say i’m not
your consolation prize

i can’t be your midnight love
when your silver is my gold
in this light
i swear i’m blind
in this light
i swear you’re mine

i can't be your second best
close but not your favorite
i keep going back for more
where there's nothing from before

#girlinred #worldinred #midnightlove
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Date of upload: Apr 14, 2020 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


4 years ago

Me: Stupid online classes, Internet sucks Phone: girl in red Me: Nvmd

8.5K |


4 years ago

Me: Life is sucks,i want to die Girl in red: midnight love Me: well,not today

3.1K |


3 years ago

My mum: We're cutting the WiFi! Me: Ok, l don't care My phone: *new girl in red song* Also me: GIVE ME FIVE MINUTES PLEASE 😭😭

2K |


3 years ago

unpopular opinion: this is the best song from girl in red

4.7K |


4 years ago

Me: that Day sucks Yt: girl in red Me: I'm just kidding

3.6K |


4 years ago

Me: quarantine sucks Girl in red: new song Me: but it isn't so bad

15K |


3 years ago

How am i feeling nostalgic for something i never had?

171 |


3 years ago

Me: I'm gay Girl in red: exists Me: what is it called when your beyond gay???

315 |


4 years ago

You can literally HEAR how hot she is

3.6K |


4 years ago

Friend: What kind of music you listen to? Me: Lesbian.

6K |


2 years ago

I like how each time she sings the verse it gets louder and more energetic. It just makes the song even more amazing #stangirlinred #worldinred

40 |


3 years ago

this song is literally so beautiful.

66 |


4 years ago

She's like Jenna marbles but gay. A good person, calming, and pretty down to earth.

2.1K |


4 years ago

Girl in red can’t make a bad song no one can change my mind

2.7K |


3 years ago

My lesbian friend:Wait you listen to girl in red? I thought you were straight... Me:laughs in bisexual.

6.6K |


3 years ago

''Say I'm not your consolation prize'' this part aaahhh<3

15 |


4 years ago

girl in red releases a song every wlw liked it

1.5K |


4 years ago

"when your silver is my gold" I FELT

363 |


3 years ago

Me: Plays girl in red My sister starts singing Me: How do y- Her: I'd rather not explain that Laughs in gay

1.3K |


3 years ago

My dad randomly said that he doesn't care if any of his kids are gay as long as there happy and I'm so glad.

628 |

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