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RPG Flirting from the NPC's perspective
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203,484 Views • Dec 3, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
Flirting can be awkward. RPGs make it awkwarder.

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Views : 203,484
Genre: Entertainment
Date of upload: Dec 3, 2023 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


2 months ago

That was FUNNY af even tho I don’t know about starfield itself 😂

155 |


2 months ago

i love how uncanny their expressions are. truly accurate to starfield

1.1K |


2 months ago

If there is no flirt option, is it really a multiple choice game?

760 |


2 months ago

FINALLY someone addressed those awkward and inappropriate flirt options in the game!

392 |


2 months ago

ok the scene at 1:40 man... the captains look, the guy just saying dont.. that was funny as hell

259 |


2 months ago

Well the main part was to enhance face expressions on 3D model and it was really good in this one won't lie. A massive improvement. Those flirting skills tho 🔥.

450 |


2 months ago

You guys perfectly captured the creepy overly smiley and uncanny starfield facial expressions.
Truly it feels like theyre somewhere they dont want to be and are not doing a good job at hiding it.

267 |


2 months ago

He has such PR appropriate Homelander energy.

45 |


2 months ago

The extreme awkwardness of the facial expressions makes this 100x funnier

146 |


2 months ago

That first little "don't" killed me

44 |


2 months ago

"Sometimes I put HIS stuff in MY inventory" lmao now that’s a great new way to say that

36 |


2 months ago

Oh damn, it's totally great what you made here, fantastic animations and ... I feel these totally uncomfortable dialogues sooooo much xD

130 |


2 months ago

Was iffy about these types of videos but man this one looked phenomenal. This is the first time I've felt emotion come through on face-tracks like this. Stunning work

8 |


2 months ago

Guys this is a huge jump up from the last one and absolutley hilarious! Nice work

39 |


2 months ago

This was absolutely hilarious! I hope this isn’t the last Starfield video we see! Truthfully a great showcase of everyone’s efforts on the team

18 |


2 months ago

Sam smashed this out of the park I can't lie this is insane

39 |


2 months ago

Idk why but the last spin he does before saying "we're getting married" and his expressions afterwards with the fake smile remind me of homelander cuz of how he's trying to hide his feelings behind the smile

37 |


2 months ago

Flirting while the guy is begging for his life 😂

37 |


2 months ago

I don't think I've ever watched a corridor video twice back to back 😂

56 |


2 months ago

These facials are freaking hilarious! You two absolutely killed it.

4 |

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