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Stormtroopers, but They're ACCURATE
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15,948,467 Views • May 29, 2022 • Click to toggle off description
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The Empire was feeling generous and added eye care to the Stormtroopers benefits plan... then this happened.

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Fenner Rockliffe:
Jordan Allen:
Nick Laurant:
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Sound Design by Kevin Senzaki:

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Views : 15,948,467
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Date of upload: May 29, 2022 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


1 year ago

Finally, a Star Wars story where the good guys win.

12K |


2 months ago

Love how supportive Vader is of his men, really heartwarming!

1.6K |


3 months ago

I love how intensely enthusiastic all the stormtroopers get the second they can actually see anything. They go from uninterested, faceless henchman, to frat buddies having the time of their lives.

2.3K |


4 weeks ago

"360 no scope" bro was holding himself to not emote 💀💀😭😭

391 |


5 months ago

This is exactly what stormtroopers should've had in the original trilogy.

696 |


4 months ago

There's an old fan theory that the stormtroopers knew who luke was.

Some sergeant explained to his troops "Alright soldiers, y'know our boss, the asthmatic leather-daddy who likes to choke people with his brain? Well, this is his son, his daughter, his old mentor, his future son-in-law, and the family pet. Idon't givea damn what the captain said, you do NOT want to be the guy who has to go to Vader and explain that you just squikked his kids. So just.... aim high."

569 |


1 year ago

They even upgraded their weapons to pierce through plot armor!

56K |


6 months ago

Chewie bursting into flames made me laugh out loud. I think you missed the opportunity to make Han's "stupid disguise" be Indiana Jones.

1.1K |


6 months ago

Vader to HR: “I can’t help but feel that my role no longer has any value at this company.”

269 |


4 weeks ago

The 'Troopers got so good, they were able to kill Luke three times!

76 |


7 months ago

It's lowkey impressive the way this video shows just how destructive a blaster would actually be to soft tissue. All that moisture in the body flashing into steam has to go somewhere.

441 |


2 months ago

Am i crazy? it was so great to see the Empire finally having some success

268 |


1 year ago

You know you’ve lost the war when you get 360 no scoped by the Death Star.

13K |


6 months ago

In the opening scene they are accurate. They push their way through a choke point while taking minimal casualties and force the enemy to route. It's fast, it's brutal, and you didn't even have to edit any of that footage. That is the Empire the rest of the Galaxy knows. The rest of the time they're either under orders to let the heroes escape, or fighting the heroes who have plot armor.

86 |


6 months ago

I stood in line for 14 hours to see Star Wars in Westwood, California, in 1977. The audience was composed of about 95% students from UCLA. I haven’t seen anything since then that can compare to this brilliant send-up of Lucas’s corny space western. The Death Star 360 no-scope made me laugh until I cried. Then the “watch and learn, rookie” almost killed me. Please keep up the great work!

147 |


2 months ago

It's more realistic. How would untrained rebels in such a tiny group take down a well armed and trained army of Dark Vader, who keep raining their opponent with laser shots but keep missing? It has never made sense.

257 |


7 months ago

i love the stormtrooper who kicks open the toilet door 'occupied' and just wipes out c3p0

19 |


2 months ago

After suffering through both the Disney trilogy and the Solo movie I could you use a good laugh. LOL...😆

57 |


1 year ago

I can't help it but be rooting for the stormtroopers

16K |


2 months ago

I love the “I guess it’s just is three against the empire” 😂

26 |

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