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Impossible Magic Tricks (no CGi)
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716,558 Views • Oct 15, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
Watch How We Made This ►    • We Invented a VFX Trick You've NEVER ...  
We created this impossible magic trick using no CGI - just some amazing tech from the Inspire 3 and some good old-fashioned compositing.

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Views : 716,558
Genre: Entertainment
Date of upload: Oct 15, 2023 ^^

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YouTube Comments - 826 Comments

Top Comments of this video!! :3


4 months ago

Apparently Sam carries grenades on him at all times just in case he has to fight a magician

630 |


4 months ago

Love how oldschool corridor this is

3.6K |


4 months ago

Now this is a classic corridor sketch.

While there isn’t a lot to grab onto, the energy, the trickery, all of it has so much more heart

1.2K |


4 months ago

Now this, THIS is classic Corridor, I missed this, we need more.

590 |


4 months ago

2 corridor vids in a week!? what did we do to deserve this. this also was an absolute blast to watch

807 |


4 months ago

There's no CGI, but there is VFX 😉

447 |


4 months ago

The throwback style of minimalist comedy-action with a groovy soundtrack is such a treat to see again. I would not mind seeing more of these VFX trick showcases in the future.

298 |


4 months ago

I'm so glad you all give Jordan time to shine. Early 2000's online slapstick revival core.

8 |


4 months ago

This video feels like a real return to form. Love it guys, hope you keep doing stuff like this! Big fan since 2011. ❤

203 |


4 months ago

Delivery guy 2 was never seen again…

46 |


4 months ago

My top tier take away from this excellent on all tiers video is that Jordan's physical acting deserves attention. Talent + will to shine in a building full of shiny nerds? Grace, power, timing all show on screen. And the stamina to do TAKES of those shots? Seriously, Serkis! Take a look at our girl here.

43 |


4 months ago

This feels like the good old Corridor.
More of these please!

93 |


4 months ago

This is straight up the best sketch you guys have made in a long long time. Such a simple concept yet so effective and awesome. Thank you! Special shout out to how on point Sam's physical acting abilities

44 |


4 months ago

this was really good. brings me back to the old corridor days. incredible work guys!

41 |


4 months ago

Real life Looney Tunes! So awesome.

As a drone company owner this is even more special for me, I was instantly blown away by the possibilities on the Inspire 3... Thanks for all your awesome work you guys, keep on rockin it!

29 |


4 months ago

Looking at the left mannequin/Jordan's feet at 1:38 there seem to be some tracking issues, but everything else looked flawless on first inspection, curious to see the BTS and why this is labeled "no CGI" :)
I guess it's VFX because it's different plates shot with the programmable paths of the DJi drone but nothing computer-generated?

36 |


4 months ago

That trashcan one is so well done. It's just entertaining to watch even if you get how it was pulled off.

336 |


4 months ago

This feels like a classic corridor vid, like Photoreal lol, love it! 💖

65 |


4 months ago

People won't find anything impressive with this video but the fact that the camera is constantly in motion in one shot is what makes it impressive.
Try doing this at home.

1 |


4 months ago

Sam has always had incredible physical acting abilities. like a vaudeville clown he’s so great.

53 |

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