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11,087,268 Views • Oct 24, 2021 • Click to toggle off description
We wanted to reinvent the concept of lightsabers, so we asked an expert swordsman to choreograph what a fight would look like with real sword tactics, and we took a new approach to the visual and sound design of a saber. Let us know what you think!

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Views : 11,087,268
Genre: Entertainment
Date of upload: Oct 24, 2021 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


2 years ago

That was awesome!!! First saber looked like something new that we've been working on...

22K |


2 years ago

This was hella dope!

961 |


6 months ago

The swordplay was actually very realistic, not overly theatric, and the whole premise was so cool. That tuning flare with the saber at the beginning was real neat too. It was all so close to perfect that it hurt to see the part where the teacher fell and his lightsaber landed on his body with no effect whatsoever. Poor guy would have cut himself in half. Otherwise though, pretty fantastic.

2.9K |


5 months ago

My only comment in critique… when the student overcame the master, the masters saber rested on his chest without cutting, scorching, or harming him. Beyond that, I love it. Watched it many times and still enjoy the sequence and overall feel of the duel. You should make more!!!

965 |


2 years ago

"There are two things you need
to win a sword fight..."

Me, an intellectual
"First, you need a sword."

3.8K |


2 years ago

The teacher face of disappointment when the guy start pulling spins and twists kills me 🤣

6.1K |


8 months ago

What I love about this is that while the techniques are mpre realistic, they're still theatric. Its not as flashy, but a damn treat to watch. This is how I imagine Jedi and Sith fought in the Old Republic, a nice homage to the samurai films that inspired Star Wars

1.1K |


5 months ago

3:15 Every person who ever thought someone spinning around not swinging at anything would end up. The dude's face as he death-spins into the ground was priceless. Well done!

299 |


2 years ago

You know it’s a good day when Corridor posts a video…

5.4K |


1 year ago

"you need two things to win a swordfight: perfect distance, and a gun."

4.5K |


7 months ago

4:00 The smile on his face. That’s one proud teacher. Then the hug at the end and then the master asking the girl if she wants to join. I loved this video!

119 |


5 months ago

4:03 When the master falls, his lightsaber falls on his chest and stays there for a while. Normally, a quick slash or stab with a lightsaber will cauterize the wound, but prolonged exposure to it will just melt you down. Other than that, that might be the most realistic choreography ever.

53 |


2 years ago

"Realistic fights are boring on screen"
I don't know man, this one was amazing to look at. The stances and the movement were great. Over exaggerated at times, but still in a realm that didn't break my immersion. Really good work guys.

3.1K |


2 years ago

Lightsaber: cutting his hands off not 1 minute ago*
also lightsaber: Laying on the Masters body without going through

744 |


5 months ago

What I love about this fight is how it demonstrates the mental aspect of a sword fight. The posture and poise of a sword fighter watching their opponent for an opening.

134 |


3 months ago

That was insanely sick. You just set up the lore for a whole universe in less than 5 minutes. I need more!

225 |


2 years ago

I love that they use the saber “properly”. The fact that it’s a weapon that doesn’t need a big honkin’ swing to cut a target was utilized well. Just poke -> ded

8.1K |


2 years ago

I like how they use the idea of "This school trains the best fighters" thing, but instead of the cliche of all students dying until one survive, they just revive/recycle them

6.7K |


2 months ago

I absolutely Adore how this synthesized the thoughtful, kendo-style choreography from the early movies with the style and flair of later entries. This was really well directed and choreographed, I'd love to see work like this in a feature film!

35 |


8 months ago

The tiny detail when the sabres collide and create that little flash of magenta for a frame or two is just the tastiest little visual treat. Love it.

14 |

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