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Top Comments of this video!! :3


9 months ago

Thanks Corridor, now I feel bad for every NPC I've left waiting for me to come back...

4.6K |


9 months ago

This guy seriously felt like a alternate dimension homelander and I'm totally here for it.

1.3K |


9 months ago

I am loving how everyone is suited up in off-brand Halo/Spartan armor! The Unreal Marketplace is a treasure.

1.6K |


9 months ago

The most unrealistic part of this was how fast he got off his ship 😂

512 |


9 months ago

It's amazing what decent lip animation can do for digital character expressions. Great job!

2.9K |


9 months ago

Weird how I can recognize Sams facial expressions in the main character.

420 |


9 months ago

It was a good call not using the FaceMorph version. This better suited the theme. There were genuine times I could read emotion off both faces, which really made it that much better. You guys have pushed us one step closer to having the perfect face in animation!

1K |


9 months ago

That lipsyncing is INSANE. The player character's Protagonist Grin is so good. Cant wait to watch the video explaining how you guys did this

984 |


9 months ago

I absolutely love hearing the little menu animation sounds at the end and when he realizes 'the chosen one' untracked the quest he's like, "Take 5.... uhh 10". Beautiful little touch.

143 |


9 months ago

This feels a little like how it felt to play the original Mass Effect when it first came out. Incredibly immersive dialogue that felt REAL! Nicely done!

480 |


9 months ago

This is actually a major pet peeve of mine with writing in video games... they make the main story super urgent and then overflow you with menial side-quests. "What do you mean I have to find your lost chicken? I'm in the battle for the fate of the planet, sir." At least put up some logical roadblocks so it would make sense for me to take a break from the main story (e.g. we're waiting for generals from other kingdoms/planets to gather before we continue with our attack.)

426 |


9 months ago

I'm loving the armor pieces clipping, truly the definition of a chef's kiss

56 |


9 months ago

One day we'll actually be able to talk into our mics and NPCs will respond convincingly to the things we say. Then stuff like this will be a reality. Edit: To all the people saying this already exists: I am aware of games that use ChatGPT or other AI to make NPCs more convincing. But they don't talk like humans would, don't emote or move like humans and especially don't show any sign of personality as they just throw generic lines at you. That's what I'm really referring to, NPCs that not only don't break the immersion but actually enhance it.

2.8K |


9 months ago

It's not just great graphics. The storytelling and the humor nails it.

89 |


9 months ago

I've never seen a more accurate interpretation of how it feels to us the player talking to a quest NPC at the end of the chain.

33 |


9 months ago

I wish there were ingame dialogs like this in a any game. Especially complete body language is still missing in all games 😀

354 |


9 months ago

The Chosen One talking out of the side of his mouth adds so much to his characterization. Big Sam Gorski energy! 😄👍

39 |


8 months ago

If Starfield had this level of animation and camera angles, it would be a great game!

128 |


9 months ago

Sam's character looks absolutely incredible. The expressions, the face movements... it's real close to coming out of the uncanny valley.

28 |


9 months ago

I just watched the bts. I know the corridor crew were gunning for the new face swap app, but honestly the tech on the facial animation capturing is pretty impressive. There are AAA games out there that wished their dialogue cut scenes were as emotive as this. It’ll be cool if this face capture tech becomes common place in the YouTube animation sphere.

37 |

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