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Hermitcraft 9: Episode 46 - COVERING THE PERIMETER
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1,833,696 Views • Aug 19, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
Hermitcraft 9: Episode 46 - We covered the entire perimeter with grass and dirt to bring it back to nature in a final move.

#minecraft #hermitcraft
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Views : 1,833,696
Genre: Gaming
Date of upload: Aug 19, 2023 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


9 months ago

Iskal: I’m quite burned out with vanilla minecraft. Might take some time off from HC Grian: Hey, do any of you wanna spend hours placing dirt over some big hole? Iskal: You son of a gun, I’m in

4.7K |


9 months ago

Grian: Finishing a base is HARD! Also Grian: Lets place 250,000 blocks to get back at doc

7.6K |


9 months ago

Grian said they have spent about 20 hours covering the perimeter. Which is about 1,200 minutes. And a minecraft day is 20 minutes. So Grian and the buttercups have listened to Doc's morning and night motivational speech for about 120 times.

5.1K |


9 months ago

The fact even Iskall logged in to help out is awesome.

1.3K |


9 months ago

Whoever decides to create an animatic of this Buttercup meeting NEEDS to include a shot of Grian ripping the side of a chair clean off to write on with a Sharpie. Lmao

3K |


9 months ago

Grian: This is Doc's world, we just live in it. Doc: Patents it. Also Doc: Did you grind enough today? Also Grian: Takes it seriously.

3K |


9 months ago

Things the hermits have all worked together on 1) building a base extending to the height limit on the empires smp 2) covering hole

1.9K |


9 months ago

Okay but does anyone else want a 14 hr podcast that’s just the audio of them doing this?

849 |


9 months ago

Grian took Doc’s “did you grind enough today” very personally.

9.2K |


9 months ago

Docs announcements were by far the most dystopian thing I’ve seen come out from a Minecraft video. Genuinely terrifying 1984 stuff

3.4K |


9 months ago

Okay, so hear me out, technically the Buttercups are the GOATs now: Grind- they gathered a Perimeter's amount of dirt Optimize- they did the maths to gather the dirt as quickly as possible between the three of them Automate - they had other hermits help do their work to go a little faster Thrive- the Perimeter is now lush and beautiful now that nature is thriving on top of it I think it's official... the GOAT has officially been out-GOAT'd

72 |


9 months ago

I'm calling it now: Doc's next episode is called "One-Up Buttercup" and whatever he does is beyond a mere mortal's imagination.

915 |


9 months ago

That "did the button die?" had incredible "is the moon big?" energy

1.9K |


9 months ago

can we just take a moment to appreciate the hermits who helped for no personal gain

1.3K |


9 months ago

In Poland, we have a saying "gdyby kózka nie skakała to by nóki nie zamała," which roughly translates to "If the goat hadn't jumped, it wouldn't have broken its leg" and I think this is the best thing to describe the whole situation.

161 |


9 months ago

The sheep thing is from when Zedaph and Tango bred/grew a sheep in midair without it ever touching the ground. The sheep is still hanging at Tango's base.

390 |


9 months ago

I love how grian's promise of just "messing with doc" managed to convince Seven other people to join

5.4K |


9 months ago

I love how Grian is blissfully unaware that he is creating a resistance, after he created the "resistance assistance"

2.9K |


9 months ago

This entire thing feels like a Hermitcraft parody video: - Let's go build 250 000 blocks of terrain before Doc notices! quick timelapse of gathering dirt another quick timelapse of placing dirt - And we're done! It only took 8 hours Scar dies of fall damage

77 |


9 months ago

I love to imagine how confused Doc would be if he logged on and thought the chunks reset or something

546 |

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