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Hermitcraft 9: Episode 47 - PLAYING DECKED OUT
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1,933,307 Views • Sep 10, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
Hermitcraft 9: Episode 47 - Playing decked out on the hermitcraft server! This minecraft project is out of this world.

How to play decked out:    • How to Play Decked Out 2!  

First day full stream from tango:    • 8 AMAZING HOURS OF HERMITS PLAYING DE...  

#minecraft #hermitcraft
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Views : 1,933,307
Genre: Gaming
Date of upload: Sep 10, 2023 ^^

Rating : 4.986 (351/101,913 LTDR)
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


8 months ago

Season 9 is really Tango's season. I feel like he's pushed himself way, way farther than he has in the past. The nether hub, the ice citadel, decked out 2... literally everything is a masterpiece.

8.4K |


8 months ago

Grian forgetting that he won the egg hunt and then guessing right at the trivia question is the most Grian he could do

2.9K |


8 months ago

Even though it feels like Tango has done nothing but decked out this season, somehow he's still got one of the largest and most detailed bases on the server AND he created one of the best nether hubs on Hermicraft?! What a machine!

3.9K |


8 months ago

the ravagers being named "nothing, they survived!" was brilliant

3.7K |


8 months ago

Don't hold back on the decked out content! If you don't hesitate releasing longer videos we will devour every second of them!

2.7K |


8 months ago

Grian: I fear no Warden Double Life Flashbacks Intensify

2.3K |


8 months ago

Why is no one talking about how this 1 hour video is fully subtitled with color-coding for each hermit? Decked out is absolutely unbelievably amazing, sure, but no one is appreciating how long it must've took to do all those subtitles. Big props to both Tango and whoever made the subtitles for this video, you both deserve it!

963 |


8 months ago

I go caving irl and I can 100% advise looking backwards regularly if you're wanting to find the way out. You'll be surprised how different things look coming back the other way. My other tip is to name things. Really notable features are easy, but where they're sparse any weird looking rock can become implanted in your mind if you give it a creative descriptive name.

1.6K |


8 months ago

First Impulse with the Doc-length videos, and now Grian… I think Doc’s encouraging announcements did actually do something.

5.4K |


8 months ago

Grian in this episode with the wardens is the embodiment of : I DIDNT HEAR NO BELL RING

4.6K |


8 months ago

While I adore all these Decked Out runs, the waiting room is just as enjoyable with everyone just hanging out and messing around together. It's one of my favourite aspects of Hermitcraft; everyone just having a laugh together. Also just the idea of this bright colourful daycare room in the middle of the giant ravager and warden filled castle of death is hilarious dksgh

581 |


8 months ago

Etho: What transport would best describe your number? Grian: Pig with stick

1.6K |


8 months ago

Tango was so happy seeing the hermits hanging out, building the waiting room and just having fun. I hope we get to see both decked out runs and the waiting room shenanigans.

1.7K |


8 months ago

I can’t believe Tango has been working on decked out for more than a year. I’m glad to see some hermits are finally enjoying it!

5.1K |


8 months ago

I like these more activity-based episodes this late in the season!! Just Hermits hanging out together and exploring absolutely everything the others have built!

621 |


8 months ago

at 38:45 gem and etho are perfectly in sync where they're looking for the next like 10 seconds. it is magical

882 |


8 months ago

that "You got this cute guy!" from Scar is the energy i want from my friends frfr, that was adorable

869 |


8 months ago

Lol Grian describing the Warden as just a skinny guy in a baggy t-shirt sent me😂

668 |


7 months ago

The Game: "The Dungeon is ready for its next victim..!" Grian: "YAY!!!"

44 |


8 months ago

The sign game was insane i had no idea about the number and grian nailed it, the hermits have their own language i swear

163 |

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