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Secret Life: Episode 8 - A GHOSTLY TASK
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1,781,186 Views • Dec 8, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
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Welcome to the next life series, secret life! We have 30 hearts per life, no regen and a whole bunch of secrets! If you would like to suggest a task, leave it in the comments! Remember we are looking for social interactions and funny content.

We can do /gift to give away 1 free heart per session.

Grian: youtube.com/@grian
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Etho: youtube.com/@EthosLab
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PearlescentMoon: youtube.com/@PearlescentMoon
InTheLittleWood: youtube.com/@martyn
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Mumbo Jumbo: youtube.com/@thatMumboJumbo
LDShadowLady: youtube.com/@ldshadowlady

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Views : 1,781,186
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Date of upload: Dec 8, 2023 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


5 months ago

Etho unknowingly roasting Jimmy while he's listening is just pure comedic perfection. XD

9K |


5 months ago

15:10 I love how, up until this point, Tim has been telling Grian to do weird stuff instead of guiding him, but as soon as he thought there was a real threat to Grian's safety he got really serious and actually started giving Grian information and keeping him safe.

4.5K |


5 months ago

Etho and Cleo simply not reacting to Grians stranger-than-normal behaviour is so based. They got this.

2.7K |


5 months ago

Joel's "For the Bad Boys" hurts way more when you consider that he didn't know Jimmy was there. It was like a moment of them all working together again in a weird little way. My heart.

5K |


5 months ago

I love how "The leaves are all pointing upwards." somehow manages to sound so menacing, even though it means absolutely nothing.

1.8K |


5 months ago

Tim getting salty when Etho acts normal to Grian saying "It's a me, Grian" is soo funny

7.7K |


5 months ago

Crazy how I watched 11 other perspectives and didn't think for a minute that Grian was acting weird

1.4K |


5 months ago

Grian, Cleo and Etho are like the most wholesome trio that Grian had in the entire life series hhahahaha i love it. Doing that zombie dance without hesitation hahaha

2.9K |


5 months ago

the cutoff immediately when Martin says "When is that ender pearl gonna-" is golden

3.4K |


5 months ago

Timmy was basically thinking “Oh boy! I get to make Grian act weird!” and Grian hit him with “That's my secret, Tim. I'm always weird.”

6.2K |


5 months ago

Now I kinda wanna see an SMP where everyone has a secret spectator buddy

1K |


5 months ago

gem's little "yes!" when they said the berry bushes got them was so cute. The reds this season aren't even scary, they're adorable

2.4K |


5 months ago

Etho and Cleo doing the zombie dance for Grian without much questions was genuinely wholesome to me

3.6K |


5 months ago

joels reason for giving the heart being "for the bad boys" when its the one time jims with him over call

1.7K |


5 months ago

what i've realized from this video is that Jimmy has a brain made for content. Like the amount of things he did that made this video so many levels of entertaining is genius.

1.9K |


5 months ago

The curse of Timmy is contagious. He guides Grian and Grian loses so many hearts, turns red and loses even more hearts!

500 |


5 months ago

I think Jimmy confused "Guardian Angel" with "Intrusive Thoughts Personified"

4K |


5 months ago

Finally, Jimmy gets to experience what the finale of a Life series looks like

4K |


5 months ago

them having tasks for the people who died early so they still have fun/content is actually so cute

836 |


5 months ago


442 |

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