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8 months ago

This was the largest cover-up in Hermit-craft history

2.7K |


8 months ago

Doc: Rise and Grind Grian: And I took that personally

1.1K |


8 months ago

I like how iskall and stress came back from hiatus to place dirt.

817 |


8 months ago

HC Recap: We’ll address the elephant in the room shortly. Also HC Recap: proceeds to not address the elephant in the room for 9 minutes

1.4K |


8 months ago

Welcome to hermitcraft, where no one is mentally stable and everyone is willing to drop everything to just mess with eachother. And it's amazing.

315 |


8 months ago

Sooo, terraforming. Love it? Hate it? Admire it from afar? Baffled by the sheer magic?

1.2K |


8 months ago

Can't wait for Grian's entire rock to disapear and magically apear in cub's museam. (Or at least one of the rocks.)

156 |


8 months ago

The entire server: Makes an enormous project that takes hours of hours of time Doc: Lever goes boom

631 |


8 months ago

“And lucky for Xisuma it’s in alphabetical order” this got a genuine lol from me, well done

101 |


8 months ago

The docm prank was done on the 77th week... coincidence? probably

303 |


8 months ago

Anyone else notice that the Scarland ticket that Scar sold to Cub was likely the same kind he was trying to use in the turnstiles? In other words... it was still labeled as a "Carved Pumpkin" and hadn't been renamed to "Scarland VIP Ticket"...

363 |


8 months ago

Shame the covered Perimeter won't make it to the world download, but at least Doc kept the Dragon Egg Dragon.

234 |


8 months ago

When Impulse disabled the dystopian sound system it was the most Dad move ever.

53 |


8 months ago

"It almost feels like the only way this could eacalate further is if the Buttercups just cover the whole peremeter... but surely they wouldnt go that far." - Me, days before they absolutely went that far.

19 |


8 months ago

"Luckily for Xisuma [the list of people involved is] in alphabetical order" LOL! Also I love the kitty keyboard smash!!

30 |


8 months ago

i must thank red, sloy's cat for the inspirational message

37 |


8 months ago

Even though we know what the highlight of the video was, there's no denying that the clip of False's drift was incredibly skilled.

17 |


8 months ago

Scar one day after covering the perimiter: allright thats done it's time for a little terraforming around scarland

35 |


8 months ago

ngl, imo the highlight of last week of Hermitcraft is Doc's Thumbnail. props to the artist who drew that. that "huh" is perfect.

6 |


8 months ago

They should really upload 2 versions of the hermitcraft worlddownload 1 with the perimiter covered and one without

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