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Hermitcraft 9: Episode 48 - SUS STEW
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1,401,316 Views • Sep 20, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
Hermitcraft 9: Episode 48 - This is the first time in minecraft I've never genuinely needed suspicious stew.. so had to do some learning!

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#minecraft #hermitcraft
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Views : 1,401,316
Genre: Gaming
Date of upload: Sep 20, 2023 ^^

Rating : 4.982 (340/77,349 LTDR)
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


8 months ago

Decked out runs will be out on the second channel shortly!

8K |


8 months ago

The entire suspicious stew segment felt like they were trying to steal free water

4.4K |


8 months ago

Grian and Scar thinking they're so smart and slick making suspicious stew only to find an entire community chest for all hermits. The "oh no!!!" at the end killed me😂

2.8K |


8 months ago

Love how Grian and Scar essentially made a whole episode out of making secret Suspicious Stews, only for Xisuma to make it completely redundant

2.8K |


8 months ago

I love Tango being in dad mode 😂 "Huh! I can hear them?" Does a twirl

1.2K |


8 months ago

Etho saying “skill issue” is somehow both the most Etho thing he could possibly say and also the most unexpected out of pocket phrase he could ever utter

2.6K |


8 months ago

Combining Grian's complex plans with Scar's innate ability to be constantly distracted is a good recipe for hilarity.

4.1K |


8 months ago

Grian and Scar acting suspicious at the end was so freaking funny, it felt like a sketch comedy moment

882 |


8 months ago

I find Grian and Scar's ability to have their plans immediately thwarted absolutely incredible. An entire, devious video rendered null by the kindness of X.

738 |


8 months ago

I love how X just casually made some suspisious stew for the hermits, not knowing what scar and grian had planned. And more decked out is always good.

7K |


8 months ago

Grian and Scar purposely being suspicious to throw tango off of what they did is so funny

2.3K |


8 months ago

Can I just say, as a fan with auditory processing issues, the caption work is incredible. This is the only channel I know of that actually color codes and entitles who is saying what. I always feel a bit sad when I notice a video has those horrible auto captions, so it comforts me to know that I won’t lose the plot on a new Grian upload. ❤️

1.9K |


8 months ago

Grian and Scar feel like the kindergarteners dealing fruit snacks behind the playground after school and trying not to get caught by the teacher

301 |


8 months ago

Grain: Comes up with an elaborate plan to max out saturation with sus stew. Hypno: drinks honey bottle

2.9K |


8 months ago

I do really feel like Etho would be the one hermit to say “skill issue”

3.1K |


8 months ago

grian and scar are like aang and sokka, separately capable of really impressive things, but together totally get off course and struggle to complete a single goal

219 |


8 months ago

The whole sus stew mission combined with that ending felt like a Regular Show episode

325 |


8 months ago

"It's like when a three-year-old tries to pull off a magic trick and it's so obvious how the trick is done, but I just have to nod, and smile, and say: 'good job, honey. Good job.'" - Tango, 2023.

129 |


8 months ago

Grian and Scar getting constantly distracted when trying to lure the cows back to decked out is exactly how my adhd feels sometimes!

2.8K |


8 months ago

23:16 I like how they're referring to crafting benches as Ren's base now.

147 |

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