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girl in red - watch you sleep.
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2,594,690 Views • Jan 26, 2019 • Click to toggle off description
a song i made at 2am. written, recorded, mixed and produced by me.
instagram: www.instagram.com/girlin.red/

the song is out on spotify and all other platforms!! open.spotify.com/track/3GIIv6Eo0WSuM9Bxx5DTdR?si=O…
- IM GOING ON A UK/EU/US TOUR: gir.lnk.to/ticketsYD
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Views : 2,594,690
Genre: Music
Date of upload: Jan 26, 2019 ^^

Rating : 4.98 (388/75,334 LTDR)

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User score: 99.23- Masterpiece Video

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