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girl in red - watch you sleep., say anything & dead girl in the pool. - CARDINAL SESSIONS
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30,828 Views • Nov 28, 2019 • Click to toggle off description
girl in red is 20-year-old Marie from Norway who started making music in her room back in 2017. We met her in Cologne, Germany, to record three songs: "watch you sleep.", "say anything" and "dead girl in the pool". Her fragile, haunting voice is beautiful. Check out everything she does and go see her perform live - it's wonderful!

#girlinred #watchyousleep #cardinalsessions

Shot by Lenny Rothenberg, Timo Reinders and Max Burk at Fotostudio Uli Grohs


►► Facebook // bit.ly/CardinalSessionsOnFacebook
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►► Our Website // cardinalsessions.com/

►► You want to know what gear we are using and how to record an acoustic session? 🎥 🎶 Click here cardinalsessions.com/how-to-record-an-acoustic-ses…

Cardinal Sessions was founded in the summer of 2010. They challenge the classic music video and try to replace impersonal footage with immediate and emotional snapshots.

Bands from all over the world with their different genres present their songs reduced to the essence of the musical spectrum - only vocals and unplugged instruments. Due to the spontaneous live-aspect and the approach to record every song without any additional rehearsal, songs emerge that often sound significantly different to their album versions.

We film on locations that the musicians mostly choose by themselves: remote places, frequented streets, parks, woods, fields, bars; nothing is impossible. We have accomplished our goal if the location fits well to the background of the music we and the artists want to present. But our most important purpose is that there are no borders: we film everything that we like, no matter how popular, famous or also unknown a band might be. It is still important for us to support local talents and it will always stay part of our concept.

The Cardinal Sessions team can also be booked: for example to film short documentaries of album recordings, studio recordings or live concert moments that you want to capture.
Send an email to info[at]cardinalsessions.com.

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#cardinalsessions #girlinred
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YouTube Comments - 42 Comments

Top Comments of this video!! :3


4 years ago

Tracklist: 00:00 watch you sleep 03:05 say anything 05:30 dead girl in the pool

79 |


4 years ago

I love it when she plays say anything it’s one of my faves from her and means a lot to me 🥰 it’s such an underrated beauty x

93 |


4 years ago

This shit getting me through tough times

14 |


4 years ago

I've watched this video so many times by now and will continue doing so in the future....so can someone please explain to me why this doesn't have more views?? why? it is so damn beautiful and really relaxing

70 |


4 years ago

this video just brings me so much peace.

24 |


2 years ago

this video feels so comfy, like she's just playing in a random coffee shop only for you

3 |


4 years ago

OMG this is heavenly!

20 |


5 months ago

She literally covered my winter (post December) fav songs

1 |


2 years ago

guys please guys, i cant stop my self for loving her soooooo freaking much, i loveeee herrr so much, someone cure me

1 |


4 years ago

Господи, как же это красиво! Просто невероятный голос Спасибо большое) обожаю girl in red❤❤❤

17 |


3 years ago

this guitar soloooooooooooooooooooo

2 |


4 years ago

this is so beautiful 😭💓

21 |


4 years ago

I just love her and her songs

8 |


3 years ago

“Guitar solo!”

14 |


3 years ago

Beautiful guitar n voice

3 |


4 years ago

I dont know how can u play eyes close but i love it

7 |


3 years ago

ai que maravilhosaaa

4 |


4 years ago

늠 좋당 ㅠㅠ

2 |

4 years ago


5 |

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