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pov: you're in love | a lovecore playlist
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5,809,573 Views • Jan 27, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
hi guys, thank you so much for watching. I hope you liked the video! Don’t forget to like, share, subscribe, comment, and turn on the bell notifications to get notified whenever I post a video!

spotify: open.spotify.com/user/31nmm7lwwcfq3x2ceoaimhl4m2gm…

What falling in love feels like | a lovecore plalist | falling in love playlist | love playlist | love songs

disclaimer: I don't own any of the songs/picture, all credits go to their original owners/creators.
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1 year ago

00:00 - until i found you by Stephen Sanchez 3:00 - i love you so by the Walters 5:35 - sofia by Claire 8:43 - yellow by Coldplay 13:10 - always forever by Cults 16:55 - apocalypse by Cas 21:40 - the night we met by Lord Huron 24:50 - Home by Edith Whiskers

8.7K |


1 year ago

POV: your not in love but still wanna listen to this cause why not

7.5K |


10 months ago

Pov : You’re a single person dancing alone, listening to this melodic playlist, wishing you will find your soulmate in the future❤

1.1K |


4 months ago

Imagine two people in love with each other are both listening to this at the same time and thinking about each other ❤

345 |


9 months ago

A list of things I love about him : 1. His stunning, brown eyes 2. His adorable side smirk 3. His full and true smile 4. His gorgeous, brown hair 5. His style in clothes 6. His thoughtfulness 7. His respect and the way he respects others 8. His strong yet amazing scent 9. His low, soft, and calming voice 10. His confidence 11. The way he's comfortable doing things around/with me 12. How caring he is 13. His sense of humor 14. How he can do so many dumb things and not care 15. The way he celebrates when he's excited/happy 16. The way he makes eye contact with me and doesn't ever look away 17. The way he would apologize, it's so cute in a way I cant explain 18. His compliments about my looks because he doesn't want me to be insecure 19. His taste in music 20. How supportive he is 21. The way he protects me 22. He's a great listener 23. The way he could make me blush effortlessly 24. Him enjoying his hobbies 25. The way he tries his best 26. His pretty hands 27. He's athletic 28. The way he encourages me to do things and encourages me to do what I love most 29. The way he makes me feel safe 30. His lips 31. The way he says my name 32. The way he comforts me in any situation as if he's my little therapist 33. The way he accepts all of my imperfections acting as if they aren't there 34. The way he can be tough yet soft 35. The way he accepts me for who I am 36. The way he loves me for me 37. He knows how to make me laugh 38. He knows when something is up with me and is never afraid to ask what's wrong 39. He acts childish, he will always be a little kid and I love it 40. I love his goofy side of him 41. The way he is always motivated 42. I love how he is short (which is so cute) and doesnt care 43. He is always in a good mood 44. He makes me feel confident 45. He is affectionate and gives me love when I want it 46. He is very chill 47. He is a very forgiving person towards me 48. He's very trustworthy and he trusts me 49. He knows how to have fun 50. He's my #1 supporter and my #1 person 51. He's self-aware 52. He's everything I look for in a guy 53. The way he looks at me 54. He knows how to properly take care of me 55. He can make me smile and laugh, even when I don't feel like doing so 56. His hugs make me feel like I am at home 57. He makes me feel like I really do matter as a person 58. He never fails to cheer me up when I am crying 59. He's someone I can trust enough to even rely on 60. The way he could respect me 61. He is loyal 62. No one has ever looked at me the way he does 63. He appreciates the things I do for him 64. He knows how to treat a girl he genuinely loves 65. He doesn't mind getting into fights just to protect me 66. He doesn't care that he gets in trouble for defending me, instead, he'd rather keep me safe 67. He thinks I am worth his time 68. He is patient with me and never loses his temper on me 69. He is always willing to handle my stubborn and annoying self 70. He doesn't forget my birthday 71. He pays attention to me 72. He never betrayed me or did things to humiliate me 73. He never tries to intentionally hurt me 74. He claims to love me more than I love him which I think is unbelievably cute 75. He fights for me 76. He doesn't mind expressing his real emotions 77. We're literally in sync and he could read my mind at times 78. We share some of the same interests 79. He isn't controlling nor manipulating me 80. He never judges me and always tries to help me out 81. He notices the small changes in my attitude 82. He is charming 83. He always puts me first 84. He considers my needs and would put mine before his 85. He's never too tired nor busy to hear what I have to say 86. He doesn't compare me in a bad way towards other people, he'd instead compare them to me and make me feel better about myself 87. He is proud to have me by his side and shows me off to others at times 88. He has an AMAZING personality and he is so, so handsome and cute 89. He makes me feel special 90. He inspires me to become a better person 91. We could talk about my interests and he would be listening 92. He is doing everything he could to make me proud 93. He gives me butterflies 94. He made my life better 95. He has showed me that the phrase "Nobody is perfect" is wrong because he is perfect 96.The respect he has for his family 97.The way we could look at each other and laugh for hours 98.His attitude towards everything 99.HIS ACTING <3 100.Him 💗 I LOVE IT ALL I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AUSTIN <3 Your the reason im still alive <3 ♡ Edit: we broke up but we are still friends :D 2nd Edit: NVM WE ARE BACK TOGETHER!!<3 3rd Edit: broke up again but im dating someone new!<3 4th Edit: we broke up because Thursday was the the last day of school and we wont see each other next year but im ok and were best friends! :D

1K |


1 year ago

Most people will never read this, but it needs to be said. Have you ever had a crush on someone that you've never really known. You've seen them from across the room, but you've never spoken a word to them? I found that person for me. It feels like we've known each other for years, but we've never even spoken a word to each other. He is my everything but yet nothing at the same time. He makes me feel some kind of way even though we've never spoken. I love the guy, but I can tell we are both too nervous and socially awkward to speak to each other. I needed someone to know, so there it is.

12K |


1 year ago

fun fact: if you're thinking of someone and you got a beautiful smile on your face while listening to this Playlist, You are definitely in love with that person.

3.3K |


11 months ago

I’m not in love right now. But I like listening to this and reading the comments to be reminded that there is someone out there, waiting for me, just like I’m waiting for them. They might even be listening to this same playlist💗

365 |


2 months ago

Let me share my story with you - I met a boy in 2022 .We were in the same class. He was a new student. I still can remember how honest he was, probably one of the most honest persons in this whole world. He was good in studies. I still remember his brown eyes. The most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. More than that his personality just made me believe in humanity. But maybe time and circumstances were not just right and now it's been 2 years I have never met him. From then on I've never met anyone like him. He was just so different. In this two years there was hardly any day when I didn't think about him. Something about him hits me differently. I wish I could see him just one more time.

20 |


1 year ago

To anybody who's reading this, I pray that whatever is hurting or whatever you are constantly stressing about gets better. May the darks thoughts, the overthinking, and the doubt exit your mind right now. May clarity replace confusion. May peace and calmness fill your life.

917 |


1 year ago

I’m gonna say what I love about him •His smile •His face when he laughs •His hair •His humor •How smart he is •His goals in life •His respect towards women •His attitude •His eyes •His hands •His style •His way of thinking •His dog •His dedication to making me laugh •His face when he tries to be serious but can’t stop smiling •The way he stares at me •His awkwardness •His laugh •Him <3 I really love my bf and the wAy he confessed. He gave me a note that said ILYBIDKHTTYBYLSE And ask for one letter each day and see what it means And it spells out I Like You But I Don’t Know How To Tell You Because You Like Someone Else But I don’t. And he asked me to be his gf <3 Edit: He’s amazing he is so adorable and won’t let me talk down to myself and doesn’t mind hanging out with my group away from his friends and doesn’t let his friends make fun of me and helps me a lot with school and is so cute and he’s so sweet and everything about him is so adorable he’s the best Edit: Good things don’t last I should’ve known that, we broke up,but I truly do love him still and we decided to stay friend does anyone have tips in getting over him and trying to stay friends in the process??? Edit: I still haven’t gotten over him and he admitted to not liking me anymore within a week after breaking it off, he said he loved me and I guess that was fake but we still talk, I’ve tried everything and it doesn’t work what do I do? (and also thank you to those who tried to help me)

2.5K |


1 year ago

For me it's the way my heart warms up with her presence, how light her voice brings up my mood, how her humor makes me laugh even from across the room, its her laugh that seems so genuine and honest, how her lips curl when she tells me stories and eyes lingering to find a point to focus on, the way she gesticulate her hands to further explain things and the way she gives you soft touches from the tip of her fingers

132 |


10 months ago

I love him. I love his voice I love his personality I love his smile I love his giggles I love his eyes I love his style I love his humor I love how awkward he gets I love his lips I love the way he blushes I love how he comforts me I love how mad he can get I love him so much<3333333

101 |


1 year ago

To everyone - Stop loving someone else. Start liking yourself. Because what Ive learned is you stop taking care of yourself, and always think about them. So first get ur life proper, then take care of another person.

336 |


1 year ago

okay this is going to sound so stupid, but i’m gonna tell y’all a story abt the prettiest boy i have ever seen and how he was just out of my reach. i was at theme park at the time. me and my friend just got off a ride and we were going to get our stuff out of the lockers. as we were approaching the lockers i saw a group of teenage boys around my age. they were all good looking but i didn’t think that much of it. i went to the locker i rented out and got my stuff out. my friend was having trouble getting her stuff out so i went over to help her. and that’s when i saw him. surrounded by the good looking boys. but he was different, more lyrical, poetic, i felt like i could write a whole book about him and never get bored. he had soft chestnut curls that fell in beautiful fluffiness around his face. his sun kissed skin sparkled in the light. and oh my god. his eyes. his beautiful, stunning, curious eyes. they were the same green as a piece of glistening sea glass. god i couldn’t stop looking at them. then he locked those indescribable eyes on mine. my heart stopped, my breath hitched, i seemed to stop working completely. he must’ve thought i was weird looking at him with that much awe and intensity but at that time i didn’t care. all i could think about was how i loved him. i loved him so much that my heart throbbed. our lives seemed to flash before my eyes. us holding hands, his warm embrace, his loving stare, the little handmade presents i would give him, us baking cookies, play fighting, going to college together, getting married, our little brown haired green eyed kids laughing and running around, our last breaths together. i seemed to be in a trance as i helped my friend get her stuff out of the locker. i wanted to know everything about him. the sound of his name against my lips, if he was good with kids, his laughter, his smile, everything. what i felt that day, i had never felt that before, so i knew it was love at first sight. i kept looking at him and he kept catching me, it was like a game. i was so nervous, cause what was special about my brown eyes and auburn hair? like there is no way he felt the same about me. then when i tried to steal another glance at him him and his friends were walking away. i felt a pounding in my heart i wanted to go talk to him, i wanted to meet him, at least get his phone number. i could’ve bumped into him on accident and asked him if he was random name and could’ve started a conversation. but no, i was too scared. what if he thought i was weird or what if his friends started to snicker. i regret not saying anything SO MUCH. if only i opened my stupid mouth. great, now i’m crying. you probably think i’m really weird for loving someone i just looked at, but i don’t care. i love him and will never stop. even if i don’t know anything about him. thank you for listening to my rambling and if you are somehow that random boy that i saw at universal studios in orlando, fl, on thursday february 17th 2023, please try to reach out to me.❤️ EDIT: YALL IF U HAVE ANY INFO ABT THIS DUDE PLS SAY SOMETHING, ITS BEEN 3 MONTHS AND IM STILL NOT OVER HIM😭

884 |


10 months ago

0:00 until I found you 2:56 I love you so 5:37 Sofia 8:45 yellow 13:21 always forever 16:55 apocalypse 21:42 the night we met 24:53 home

838 |


8 months ago

i love the way he smiles, i love the way he knows what’s going on in my mind, i love how i know it’s his msg and his msgs wake me up (as a deep sleeper), i love how he cares for me, i love how he pays attention to little things, i love how he’s the first and last thing I think about in a day, i love how we can’t express how much we love each other, but I hate how we’re doing a long distance relationship.

24 |


1 year ago

To the person reading this, Good Luck! Don't stress, everything will be fine. No matter what difficulty you are facing right now, you can overcome it! You are strong and brave.

370 |


1 year ago

Being single won't stop me listen these songs 🤣

334 |


6 months ago

I'm not in love, I'm just cleaning my room...

261 |

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