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SCOOTY - a mind blowing short by Peter France
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1,003,510 Views • Jul 10, 2022 • Click to toggle off description
Created by Peter France ►
Watch How This Film Was Made ►    • These VFX Cost Millions, but I did Th...  


This Episode ►
A man whose life has been ruined by electric scooters must learn to find his own humanity from that which he hates the most.

Matt Zone as Jake
Riley Olson as Scooty
Jordan Coleman as Zoey

Original Music by Benjamin Squires ►…

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Views : 1,003,510
Genre: Entertainment
Date of upload: Jul 10, 2022 ^^

Rating : 4.963 (751/80,388 LTDR)
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


1 year ago

That was weirdly gripping. I especially like how the eyes on Scooty were done.

Also the fact that he just kept throwing the food on the ground rather than eating it. Superb work.

4.4K |


1 year ago

One of the best short films ever! Hats off to Peter and the team.

24 |


1 year ago

I love how character development happened in under 18 minutes it looks so bizarre but funny and I enjoyed it.
Great short, you guys should seriously consider making a full length movie.

471 |


1 year ago

I love it when someone actually makes something with all of their talent, its usually a couple of seconds then a half hour tutorial but Peter has put it all together in an amazing short film. Great great work Ian Hubert and Peter are the kings.

164 |


1 year ago

An 18 minute short with an entirely 3D character. Are you kidding me? Amazing.

714 |


1 year ago

You know, I think the thing I'm most impressed by, is not actually the visuals, but something that wasn't touched on in the video on Corridor Crew at all, the music score! It's phenominal for a piece like this. I can only assume it was done using digital VST's, but it sounds as if it could've been a live recorded orchestra! And the quality of the music itself, Mr Squires is a very talented composer!

3.3K |


1 year ago

Wait a minute I thought Scooty was a movie so you're telling me it took him 3 years to make this incredible short? That's dedication. Respect. 💯💯

923 |


1 year ago

14:07 - 14:10 is genuinely one of the prettiest shots I've seen outside of a Wes Anderson movie. Dressing him in all red was such a good move, and the score cutting out as it hits the slow-mo really drives the action in this whole scene. You get that frantic build as he's forming a plan, then it's do-or-die time and the music holds just as the audience holds their breath, in anticipation of the success or failure of the jump.

74 |


1 year ago

I ended up emotionally attached to Scooty 5 minutes in and I tell you when he faked dying I was about to lose it.
The quality of this short is absolutely insane, and having known how it was made... Peter deserves a medal.

844 |


1 year ago

The CGI for Scooty is so freaking good

221 |


1 year ago

Bro, that was better than most Hollywood movies.

27 |


1 year ago

My mind is officially blown Peter, this was so worth the effort you put into this. Thanks for sharing this with the world 🙏🏾

76 |


1 year ago

This guy...
How does Peter keep surprising me every time....


489 |


1 year ago

I love Peter's work. This looks amazing!!! and unbelievable that it is made in the FREE software blender.

2.2K |


1 year ago

I watched the corridor breakdown first and I have to say… I didn’t even notice the box effects you guys talked about, despite knowing they were a little janky. They just flowed and I was immersed. Great job to everyone who worked on it!

69 |


1 year ago

This is a masterpiece in every aspect possible! The lighting, sound effects, visual effects, storytelling, composing, and everything else is just AMAZING! You guys rock!

18 |


1 year ago

This short is award worthy for sure . Congrats Peter🌟👍

523 |


1 year ago

I really don’t comment much on YouTube but the fact that this is even possible is just the most freaking inspiring thing ever. Props to Peter for doing this whole thing and putting it up here to watch for free. I cannot tell you how just crazily mind blowing this entire thing is. The pacing, sound design, scoring, cinematography, and holy crap the visuals are INSANE. Once again this thing is a HUGE inspiration, great job to all the people who worked on the short.

528 |


1 year ago

This feeling like a big budget movie, awesome job Peter so inspiring

12 |


1 year ago

this is insane, loved every second, so much emotion displayed in under 20 minutes!

49 |

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