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Hermitcraft 9: Episode 43 - DECORATING THE PERIMETER
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1,756,065 Views • Jul 17, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
Hermitcraft 9: Episode 43 - DECORATING THE PERIMETER

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#minecraft #hermitcraft
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Views : 1,756,065
Genre: Gaming
Date of upload: Jul 17, 2023 ^^

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10 months ago

AD: Pre-Order your signed Grian TCG Card here: creocards.com/products/grian-... Pre-order ENDS July 31st 2023

2K |


10 months ago

Glad to see you braved the mobs that were making a racket while I was building the bottercup. The cut to you with two arrows sticking out of you was poetic.

12K |


10 months ago

Between the Live Laugh Love wall art and the hanging butterflies in the Perimeter, Doc is just a pumpkin spice latte away from a perfect 2012 suburban mom aesthetic.

5.6K |


10 months ago

Welcome to Team Buttercup, here's the team: Mumbo - Mechanical Maestro Grian - Daring Designer Scar - Cookie Connoisseur

3.5K |


10 months ago

Doc: Death machines Grian: Mild inconveniences

620 |


10 months ago

We need a matching one in green, that says “peace, love, and plants”.

3K |


10 months ago

If only there was a cleaning lady on the server the three of you could've hired for those eggs.

915 |


10 months ago

That “live laugh love” legitimately looks better than 95% of the “live laugh love” items on the actual market.

971 |


10 months ago

Well, you weren't wrong. He certainly did appreciate the dragon egg.

7.9K |


10 months ago

I like how Grian didn't want to start a resistance but instead started a war with Doc

2.8K |


10 months ago

Right off the bat Grian forgetting that HE is the one who gave Doc an egg is one of the most Grian things I've seen

2.7K |


10 months ago

Grian and Mumbo interacting with Scar feels like the 2 older siblings trying to work with the youngest-

751 |


10 months ago

Can we take a moment to appreciate Grian's closed captioning, whoever does them is doing amazing

1.4K |


10 months ago

Buttercups being extremely toxic makes Scar’s Buttercup cookies absolutely horrifying, literally poisoning the entire server with kindness

2.2K |


10 months ago

Turn the Eggs into another Tegg game. Other Hermits collect them, and the one with the most eggs wins Mumbo's diamonds.

1.6K |


10 months ago

I think a fun prank would be to 'draw' some flowers and cute doodles on Doc's flag lol Scar already has a vendetta over it (cause it looks horrific from Scarland), might as well make it cuter and buttercuppy

492 |


10 months ago

"Right, so you'll make the big robot of death, and I shall make the flowerpot that it sits in, you handle the cookies." - Grian, 2023

155 |


10 months ago

It's kinda scary how good the calligraphy for the "live, laugh, love" came out

937 |


10 months ago

“How did doc get a dragon egg?” Grian says, as he tidies away the scissors and wrapping paper he used to wrap it up into a nice little present for him

502 |


10 months ago

When Grian stated that Doc needed to live a little, laugh a lot, and to love everyone, you could here him smiling. 21:17

280 |

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