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Why It Was Almost Impossible to Make the Blue LED
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23,249,935 Views • Feb 8, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
The blue LED was supposed to be impossible—until a young engineer proposed a moonshot idea. Head to brilliant.org/veritasium to start your free 30-day trial, and the first 200 people get 20% off an annual premium subscription.

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Thanks to Álvaro Bermejillo Seco for reviewing the science.
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   • How LED Works - Unravel the Mysteries...  
   • How diodes, LEDs and solar panels work  
   • How Blue LEDs Changed the World  
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Directed by Emily Zhang
Written by Emily Zhang, Ricky Nathvani, and Derek Muller
Edited by Trenton Oliver
Illustrated by Jakub Misiek
Animated by Fabio Albertelli, Mike Radjabov, David Szakaly, Ivy Tello, and Alondra Vitae
Filmed by Derek Muller, Raquel Nuno, and Trenton Oliver
Additional research by Gregor Čavlović
Produced by Emily Zhang, Han Evans, Gregor Čavlović, and Derek Muller

Thumbnail by Ren Hurley
Additional video/photos supplied by Getty Images and Pond5
Music from Epidemic Sound
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


5 months ago

It’s so dumb how it’s never just “this guy changed the world and got compensated fairly for it” there’s always some corporate bs in the way

31K |


5 months ago

What a success story! I wish he was successful in compensation side in Japan, but I guess they lost him because of that. Happy to see him thrive now.

52K |


2 months ago

Inventors getting screwed by companies seems like a common story

838 |


1 month ago

“in front of the house was ocean. blue always” that statement made me cry. love this story

546 |


5 months ago

In the mid 1990s, I was working in a research lab where we were in competition with Nichia in the development of GaN blue LED and lasers, also using our home-grown MOCVD machines. Dr. Nakamura was always 2 (or more!) steps ahead of us. I still vividly remember when we got our hands on a prototype of his deep blue LEDs after a conference. We turned it on in the lab, with lights down, expecting a weak blue emission, as we got from our own devices. It came on so bright and so blue, it illuminated the whole room! It blew our mind, we couldn’t believe it. How had he done that? He was the blue LED magician. Nobel prize well deserved, and then some.

5.7K |


4 months ago

Bro really went from "Ignored for not having a PhD" to "Nobel Prize winner"

6K |


1 month ago

I used to do undergrad research at UC Santa Barbara, the lab I worked in was on the same floor where Nakamora works. One time I went to go to the bathroom and saw him brushing his teeth and getting ready for the day at one of the sinks. that guy still lives and breathes his lab work :)

211 |


2 months ago

I can't believe you interviewed Nakamura-sensei himself. Loves his humour and humble personality in the video. Thanks for making this documentary. I learnt a lot about the making of LEDs.

320 |


5 months ago

So he was underfunded, underappreciated and undersold, yet he almost single-handedly created one of the most important technologies in the modern world, a true legend. And I got to learn his story from an interesting, high quality source. Thanks again Derek

7.4K |


5 months ago

One of the greatest examples of how we only see the end result of hard work. My man worked 84 hour weeks for over 18 months just to hit the first clue that he was on the right path. That's a level of tenacity that I cannot help but admire.

3.5K |


2 months ago

There was a drama in that blue led light. Nakamura deserves a monument for his invention. Imagine how he helped us aside from lights but to the less emission of CO2. He is a hero and should be remembered on the generations to come.

107 |


1 month ago

Which is why his nobel prize was well deserved. He changed everything.

37 |


5 months ago

I came here to learn why blue was so difficult to make… I didn’t know this was the story of a man who discovered a landmark piece of technology. Just the thought of him staring at a small blue light, completely understanding it was his life’s work and his masterpiece. True happiness in a blue glow.

10K |


5 months ago

Disobedience in Japan is extreme rare. This guy is TWO true heroes.

3.6K |


2 months ago

Would love to thank this guy for bringing to life the colors of literally every electronic out their that we take for granted

41 |


1 month ago

they deserve more than a nobel pize. unlike so many other nobel prizes this invention really benefits humankind on a huge magnitude

17 |


5 months ago

Mr. Nakamura is a hidden giant everyone should know more about. Incredible tenacity and great video.

6.5K |


5 months ago

Don’t ever go back making “television”. This is so much better. A great story from beginning to end with a spectacular entry of the main character. No spoilers, no previews. YouTube at its best. TV will never reach this level of storytelling. Hats off to your illustrator too.

4.2K |


1 month ago

This video has everything I appreciate in videos: an informative, representative and intriguing title and thumbnail, a great explanation that works without the visuals but is supported by strong visuals, proper immersion and a good build-up making me root for the protagonist, and even great production quality for the story-telling. I came here knowing very little about LEDs and leave with a bit more knowledge and a lot more appreciation! The best thing is that I never was very good at science and physics, but you managed to keep me on board all the way; I may not understand it as well as others, but I didn't feel left behind. Thank you for broadening my horizon a little today!

12 |


1 month ago

I remember that 1994 era very well, when I was hankering for someone to come up with hi-res color flat-panel displays to replace the bulky CRT I was using for my personal desktop computer while working on my undergraduate studies in electrical engineering. You shed a lot of light on a complex technology that was in development at the time and that I knew nothing about until I saw your very instructive video. Thank you for the work that you do to make your knowledge available to all.

8 |

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