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I Played Roblox for the First Time...
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2,919,285 Views • Feb 18, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
Grian plays roblox for the first (and last) time. I spent the whole time confused and I won't be playing again

Thank you to @SolidarityGaming and @SmallishBeans for trying to figure out what a roblox is with me. Still none the wiser.

This is a bonus video that used an editor for the first time (which is why the style is a little different!) so I had more prepared for my trip away!

Should I try other games?
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Views : 2,919,285
Genre: Gaming
Date of upload: Feb 18, 2023 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


1 year ago

Let's stick to Minecraft, ey? Reminder that this was a one-off video to help me prepare for my 3 week trip away (which is why an editor is helpful with that)! I definitely won't be playing this game again but it was fun to try some other stuff.

16K |


1 year ago

The best part was Grian forgetting he's British while making the call for emergency services.

5.4K |


1 year ago

I love how Grian’s first impression on Roblox was “this looks like an App Store”

5.1K |


6 months ago

You can tell the editor had so much fun

655 |


2 months ago

The fact that they kept saying “This is Roblox” makes it even funnier 😭🙏

188 |


1 year ago

I miss these videos so much where Grian will play some random game with friends every now and then, it's hilarious and keeps things interesting

1.5K |


1 year ago

I love how the whole time Grian is just like “What is this????” And how the editor of the video is just able to put random pictures that absolutely fit what’s happening.😂

4K |


7 months ago

The games that they choose reflects their personality so precisely.
Timmy picks Doors, a greatly made game that is on the better side of Roblox.
Meanwhile Grian picks Shrek in the Backrooms and Don't Call Dwayne The Rock Johnson at 3:00AM
Coincidence? I think not.

684 |


9 months ago

as someone whos been playing roblox for years its so funny to me watching someone play it for the first time. i love their reactions of utter confusion

90 |


1 year ago

doesnt have to be for every video, but having this editor on any spinoff videos like this is so so so fun. makes them a unique experience

1.5K |


9 months ago

i'd love to see this style of editing outside of this 1 video. it fits grian so amazingly in a way that i would have never expected

493 |


5 months ago

I absolutely love the contrast in editing style and pace difference between this video and the regular minecraft ones! It's refreshing once in a while

76 |


1 year ago

from shrek in the backrooms to cart ride around nothing, the roblox experience is something for sure 😂

7.9K |


1 year ago

I want to thank the editor for making the chaos of Grian even more chaotic, I never knew I needed to see Grian use King Crimson until now

15K |


8 months ago

This….. is one of the best videos you have ever made. Props to the editor, fantastic job

225 |


8 months ago

i feel like we need Grian just to play roblox one more time and actually play some high quality games

55 |


1 year ago

grian attempts to understand the collective minds of about a billion children, gets overwhelmed by the sheer tomfoolery

589 |


1 year ago

Starting a game, having no clue what to do, and immediately calling your friend is a universal gaming experience

1K |


9 months ago

There's definitely more games to play in Roblox and I think its similarity to Minecraft is the longer you play the more fun it gets. There's challenge, competition, story, survival, adventure, simulator and other types of games with their own themes. I don't usually prefer simulator games (like Eating Simulator and etc.) because it's too simple and effortless, you just click, sell, upgrade and rebirth.

113 |


10 months ago

The unfortunate thing about roblox is that there are so many really good games, but all of the front page games that you first see when you first start playing are all just bad, and you actually have to search for the ones that are fun to play

19 |

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