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Sit Down Beside Me
10,960,087 Views • Jan 6, 2015 • Click to toggle off description
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Sit Down Beside Me · Patrick Watson

Sit Down Beside Me

℗ 2010 Secret City Records, Inc.

Released on: 2010-05-25

Producer: Patrick Watson
Composer: Patrick Watson, Mishka Stein, Simon Angell, Robbie Kuster
Lyricist: Patrick Watson

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Views : 10,960,087
Genre: Music
Date of upload: Jan 6, 2015 ^^

Rating : 4.918 (5,658/270,116 LTDR)
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YouTube Comments - 1.2K Comments

Top Comments of this video!! :3


4 years ago

When the YouTube algorithm does work

7.7K |


4 years ago

this makes me yearns for a lover to listen to this song together in our tiny cottage in unknown places

5.3K |


4 years ago

This is one of those rare songs that come up in a auto-generated playlist but actually manages to make you stop what you're doing in another tab and take note of the title and artist in the first 15 seconds...

874 |


3 years ago

This is embarrassing but I broke down in tears when he started singing. Some songs just hit you in the heart so hard. This song made me miss something I've never even had.

1.7K |


4 years ago

This song feels like a perfect dream that will never come true

1K |


3 years ago (edited)

Imagine someone loving you the way you love them, what a concept.
cries in single Edit: OMG! This is the most likes I've ever had, thanks!

cries in wholesome

2.4K |


4 years ago

Me: [listens to "Sit Next to Me" by Foster the People on loop]

YouTube: "you really like songs about people sitting together huh? I got something for you"

6.1K |


4 years ago

Dear YouTube recommendations,
More of this please, not tiktok compilations. Sincerely, Everybody 😁

9.8K |


4 years ago

Can we talk about the cover art for this, its beautiful <3

391 |


4 years ago

It's 5am i'm still awake, heartbroken
I accidentaly click on this song but before i go back i think 'what the hell why not listen'
Best decision i made

227 |


3 years ago

The image is perfect for the song. Although bushes growing right next to each other is a perfect metaphor on it's own, but it goes deeper because they also look like two people sitting next to each other with one leaning onto the other or even two tombstones right next to each other. Whichever way you think about it, it compliments the lyrics of the song perfectly.

211 |


4 years ago

this makes me want to travel the world and go on adventures

276 |


4 years ago

When you can sit down with someone and share no words but just gaze at them, feel at home and just know they care and love you for you flaws and all. I wish for that ...maybe someday...this song is absolutely beautiful ❤🎶

404 |


4 years ago

Today, me and my bestfriend walked around our neighborhood like we used to when we were kids and we talked for hours reminiscing how simple our life was back then on an old bench that is a witness to our childhood. He doesn't know that for me, it's still the same cause my feelings for him never changed. I love him still but never really got the courage to tell him. I guess i am fine with our current situation cause at least i know he'll be there for me no matter what. I'll sit down beside him today, tomorrow and foraver

159 |


4 years ago

Replay button for anyone who needs it Cost: 1 smile

836 |


4 years ago (edited)

Sit down beside me and stay awhile
Let our hearts do their part With wine and words to meet the hours So the day never starts Cause thats what I want That's what we need
'Cause that's who we are
'Cause that's what we need

Aaaahhhhh lalalalaa aaahhhh lalalalaa

Sit down beside me and stay awhile
There are shadows
Till we're old and grey
Till we've got nothing left to say
'Cause that's who we are
That's what we need
'Cause that's who we are
That's what we need

Aaaahhhhh lalalalaa
That's what we need
Aaahhh lalalala
'Cause that's who we are
Aaahhhh lalalalaa
That's what we need
Aaahhh lalalala

I lay, lay low
Deep in time tonight
I lay, lay low
Deep in time tonight
Stay awhile
I lay, lay low
You can talk to me now
Stay awhile

Sit down beside me and stay awhile
Till the night runs away
Till the morning rises and we part our ways
Till the end of our days..

3.8K |


4 years ago

To: Jessica aka Yellow Sherbert aka 2019 World "Passion" Dance Champion aka my love, my everything, my fleeting suburban chariot..

I walked alone and drifted 20 years searching for the same love you showed me at age 15.. after you lost your mother and our lives were separated, I never had a month go by without thinking of you. But as the many years past, I firmly believed that it was just another "young love" story that I would keep to myself or tell my children about when they got older lol.

For years I thought you had moved to another city/state as you had done before..

But then tragically.. your father died.. And you came back home.

Little did I know that at age 35 our lives would unexpectedly cross paths again.. somehow we both were completely unaware of it. We never knew our daughters were friends at the same school, much less knew that we had children at the same age going to the same schools lol..

You were just as beautiful as the day I met you, my love.

Two years later.. a few coffee dates, some crazy slumber parties with the kiddos and look at us now.. it took almost 25 years, the intervention of our childrens friendship and some hardships between all of this to bring us back together. The rewards of coparenting and knowing someone truly, unconditionally loves and accepts me for who I am is absolutely, undeniably life changing. The odds of this actually happening, Jess.. this wonderfully romantic, beautifully tragic and almost impossible story of our love will always be remembered. Through our love, our children witness something truly beautiful and healthy... something they will always remember and hold as the gold standard for their relationships.. its timeless and priceless. I am forever in your debt for the rewards you have given me and our family.

Thank you for choosing me, Jessica. I cant imagine my life without you.. From high school to this moment.. I love you because you reflected then, and still continue to define everything beautiful to me.

235 |


4 years ago

i love how this song really feels like how i got with my boyfriend. we were best friends for a few years, we gently flirted a few times, and there was just this morning where we woke up together at his house and let our hearts do their part. I told him i loved him, he said me too. he was struggling to dare to kiss me, i was the one who took the first step. i love him so much, dear god, i'm so happy he is in my life!!

1.5K |


4 years ago

Sit down beside me, and stay forever

128 |


4 years ago

This song has been like a hug for me in this quarantine... Every time I feel bad, I listen to it and cry... I wish I could have someone to sit beside me and help me. So tired of feeling lonely and painful.

330 |

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