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What if you put your hand in a particle accelerator?
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1,804,462 Views • Feb 11, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
On November 17th, 1992 a scientist accidentally stuck his hand in an extremely powerful beam of x-rays at a particle accelerator accelerator facility in Hanoi, Vietnam. This [HALF-LIFE HISTORY] explains what happened next.

00:00 Intro
01:11 Infinite Energy
04:28 By Hand
09:18 Radiation Maze
16:26 Waiting to Happen

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2 weeks ago

Thanks for watching. [VIDEO CONTAINS SOME GRAPHIC IMAGES] We return to our [HALF-LIFE HISTORIES] series with a story you probably haven't heard before. The Hanoi Incident is overshadowed in history by Anatoli Burgoski, but ask yourself a question...why was the fate of the anonymous director in Hanoi so different?

2.1K |


2 weeks ago

It completely blows my mind that there wasn't something as simple as a conspicuous red light in the room that was lit when the machine was turned on...

13K |


2 weeks ago

Two things
1: this man is incredibly lucky it was only his hands in front of that beam. It’s really terrible it happened at all, but at least the human body can survive without hands.
2: “antimatter annihilation” is the hardest thing I’ve heard all day

4.1K |


1 week ago

imagine STICKING YOUR HAND IN A PARTICLE BEAM GOING THE SPEED OF LIGHT, and when your hand feels weird a few hours later, you just think, "Huh! Weird! Must be my arthritis."

858 |


1 week ago

You’re walking down the street when you see a guy with pirate hooks to replace his hands. He tells you his old hands were annihilated by anti-matter because he decided to mess with radioactive material without any precautions because he’s just that fearless. This is not a guy you mess with.

1.7K |


1 week ago

The director's name is Trần Đức Thiệp (you can see his name at 13:22). He was and still is one of Vietnam's leading experts in atomic energy, and he is still healthy and well. He talked briefly about the incident in an interview, stating that (after being discharged from hospital and returning home) he initially struggled in performing daily activities but after a while he adapted to living life normally, even driving his motorbike like nothing had happened. He is a distinguished professor and still very much active in the field of nuclear physics even to this day.

1.3K |


1 week ago

I find it hilarious that I got an ad saying “if your happy and you know it clap your hands” right when you said the scientist lost both of his hands.
The YouTube algorithm has a fucked up sense of humor and I’m all here for it

574 |


2 weeks ago

“How did you lose your hands?”

“Antimatter annihilation.”

4.8K |


2 weeks ago

My friend had his hand surgically embedded in his abdomen like that after it got caught is the gears of a machine at a plastic factory, I'll never forget going to visit him and seeing that.... He had initially lost all but his pinky and ring finger and that side of his hand but they ended up having to amputate just above his elbow because of complications. He won a lawsuit against the company because the safety sensor on the machine didn't work and then he opened his own landscaping company called Captain Hooks lol.

1.2K |


1 week ago

“assuming that if you can’t feel something, nothing is happening” is such a dangerous idea.
i can’t feel pain very well due to my medications (for nerve pain, so yes this is intended) but that also means i can’t feel infections until they’re severe. i had an abscess in my gums for 2 weeks before i realized since i just couldn’t feel the pain.
it’s something everyone should learn, that just because something doesn’t hurt, doesn’t mean it’s all alright

151 |


1 week ago

Scientist: So, um, I put my hands in a particle accelerator, they've been irradiated AND ARE TURNING GREY.
Doctor: Meh, you just need some vitamins 👍

117 |


2 weeks ago

Another factor contributing to the survival in the case of head injury is probably that the brain has little to no active cellular mitosis going on, so is far less susceptible to radiation damage. This can also explain the swelling mostly limited to the soft tissues and the bald spot on the back of the head.

350 |


1 week ago

KYLE!!!! I teach radiography and this video is perfect for my students! The explanation of radiation protection is perfect! The graphs are on point for showing the levels of radiation compared to what they will be producing in the clinic! Thank you so very much for posting this content.
A link is going on my LMS for them NOW!

171 |


2 weeks ago

Bro got his hands irradiated, went home and they felt weird, and he was like "nah it's not the radiation, probably the arthritis"

1.4K |


1 week ago

This really reminds me of the tuna canning incident. People don’t even think about safety until someone gets hurt. And even then, people forget why it’s important, and some poor rando has to pay for it.

106 |


2 weeks ago

Holy cow it's where I live! Though I never knew we had a particle accelerator, let alone such accident!

353 |


1 week ago

One thing that has always fascinated me with radioactivity accidents (thankfully not this case because only his hands got hit) is the idea that you could see a flash, know you are a dead man walking, but feel zero pain at first.

Thinking of incidents like the demon core accidents where the nuclear physicists were smart enough to know they had just been killed hundreds of times over but having to wait for the agonizing process of their body catching up to what their minds knew.

If it were me I’d probably seek ways to remove myself painlessly on my own terms immediately, if I were, say, Slotkin.

29 |


2 weeks ago

You can go stand in a particle beam at CERN. The north area fixed target beam lines produce pions from the SPS protons. They "turn off the beam" by putting a 2m long concrete block in way making the area safe to access. What the block actually does though is convert the pions into a muon beam. While standing in the beam you feel nothing but it is odd to mentally realize that something is passing through you with the only indication being the flashing lights on your detector electronics. It makes you feel very transparent, like the world isn't really real.

109 |


1 week ago

I was lucky enough to tour Fermilab (4 mile circle) in Batavia, Illinois and the beam just happened to be off when we were there. The tour lead showed us about 5 or 6 newer looking concrete blocks on the exterior wall and explained that the magnets had gotten out of sync and the particle burst out of the ring right through the containment tubes and surrounding magnets and ripped a hole out the original blocks from the wall.
Blew me away there was so much power in a particle soooo small. C is really HUGE.

40 |


2 weeks ago

11:40 I know not all Uranium is radio active, but the idea of using Uranium to block radiation is still very funny to me.

2.7K |

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