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Hermitcraft 9: Episode 49 - THE RAVAGER BACKROOMS
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1,460,275 Views • Oct 4, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
Hermitcraft 9: Episode 49 - THE RAVAGER BACKROOMS

Phase 3 runs:    • Grian's Decked Out 2 Runs (Week 3)  

#minecraft #hermitcraft
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Views : 1,460,275
Genre: Gaming
Date of upload: Oct 4, 2023 ^^

Rating : 4.973 (520/77,830 LTDR)
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


7 months ago

I'm impressed and kinda shocked how unfazed and chill Tango reacted to Grian, the guy who broke Sahara with a single potato, threatening to build a giant pool above Decked Out.

3.2K |


7 months ago

I like that the whole building was made for decked out but tango lets everyone else build stuff in it too

8.5K |


7 months ago

"A present from the creator himself" Tango has achieved deity status.

587 |


7 months ago

Ironically Grian got enough practice trapping the drowned that he no longer needed the drowned room lol

283 |


7 months ago

Ah yes, building a giant pool of water on top of the most complex redstone device in the entire server

8.1K |


7 months ago

Petitioning the "boat" to be turned into a rubber duck pesky bird as the only colorful thing in the portal style training lab.

1.9K |


7 months ago

Not really shown in this video, but I think Tango really enjoyed Grian learning/struggling to deal with Ravagers. For the past ~5 months Tango has been complaining about dumb Ravagers, and he finally has someone who can understand how he feels.

254 |


7 months ago

I think a shallow area in the pool would be good practice as well, for the places you cant swim fast in the dungeon because it’s one block deep

803 |


7 months ago

PLEASE add security layers under that pool.

4.4K |


7 months ago

Welcome to Grian's 49th episode of Hermitcraft season 9: Grian learns Minecraft mechanics.

1.1K |


7 months ago

I really love how your subtitles are color coded by Hermit, It makes them super easy to read.

389 |


7 months ago

Please do a full backrooms next season, you're disturbingly good at "accidental" minecraft liminal spaces

370 |


7 months ago

Anyone else get massively anxious any time someone talks about putting water anywhere near Tango's redstone? XD

653 |


7 months ago

'The reason is quite simple, i suck' top ten times grian was an absolute mood

2.2K |


7 months ago

That "boat" in the training room should be at least 2 blocks off the bottom of the pool; because in the actual game the boat is floating, meaning Willie could come under the boat or hit you from under it. It's an important detail for accurate training!

137 |


7 months ago

The training room should have a hazard door - if you set the training room to "Etho Mode" it closes as soon as you come close to it.

50 |


7 months ago

You should add some observation balconies. That way you can either have some others watch while they wait their turn, or have some of the pros come to do some coaching.

2K |


7 months ago

it's actually insane all of decked out was made in survival minecraft, sure they have some custom assets, but even without those to set the mood it's still an absolutely stunning creation

828 |


7 months ago

This is hilarious watching my grey, french bulldog Jellie, responding to your voice everytime you say jellie, she keeps looking around to find whos calling her ahaha

25 |


7 months ago

‘Also life series is coming soon’ HAD MY JAW ON THE FLOOR IM SO EXCITED 😧😀🫢

12 |

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