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Hermitcraft 9: Episode 50 - FINISHED!
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1,947,558 Views • Dec 24, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
Hermitcraft 9: Episode 50 - The Grian finale to season 9 where we wrap up some unfinished business, play some minigames, play decked out the wrong way and go and leave some signs of appreciation for our fellow players on the server all while we reflect and think about season 10 of Hermitcraft.

Thank you so much for watching this little series with me.
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Views : 1,947,558
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Date of upload: Dec 24, 2023 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


5 months ago

Can you believe Double Life, Limited Life, and Secret Life all happened during season 9?

22K |


5 months ago

Grian finishing the water highway on the last day is the equivalent of submiting an essay on Sunday at 11:59pm

5.4K |


4 months ago

The part where Grian wrote the sign about Scar's base was touching. "Everything you make contains a part of your beautiful soul."

1.1K |


4 months ago

Grian saying he’s worked with pearl for many years made me realise that all the hermits are technically coworkers

1.9K |


5 months ago

Grian and Etho teaming up would be unstoppable! Grian never does interiors and Etho never does exteriors... they'd just have to build into the front of a mountain so there's no back to do.

3.6K |


4 months ago

Grian’s little “Oh my god” at Pearl’s base was so relatable. I don’t think any Hermitcraft build has ever inspired the awe in me that that one does.

1.9K |


4 months ago

I don't know if anyone else had ever seen this but since Grian started on Hermiitcraft in season 6, Grian, Mumbo and Scar have all made their bases next to each other each season

887 |


4 months ago

I think what the soup trio has taught us is that a mega base is about the experience rather than the looks. There's stuff you don't see at first glance and that forces you to experience them rather than just look at them. They seriously feel real and soulful

302 |


4 months ago

We should call Pearl "The Light of the Server"

655 |


5 months ago

Grians token of appreciation for everyone else “This build is so cool” for Mumbo: “Don’t give me crap about the back of my base ever again”

3.7K |


4 months ago

Everyone flailing in decked out and etho failing at the chains really puts into perspective with how far jimmy got.

716 |


4 months ago

"I'm proud of what you've done" I cried a little. As someone who struggles with personal sense of self achievement, it makes me happy to see you be so rightfully proud of what you've achieved this season, grian. Im so so happy to be able to feel how much love and admiration you have for your fellow hermits, this was so sincere and me as an audience felt so so spoilt /pos Hoping for more fun times to come for all of us in the next season

357 |


5 months ago

Regarding the perimeter: "This is not something you do overnight" Doc next season: "Welcome to episode 2, we just finished the perimeter"

2.6K |


4 months ago

The part when Cleo and grian where just chatting about her build was just so wholesome

607 |


4 months ago

I love the fact that at the end of the video when Grian was doing a compilation of funny moments of the entire season, Scar was involved in most of them. They really make a good combo together at Hermitcraft.

165 |


4 months ago

Grian, I don't know if you will ever read this as there are hundreds of comments. But, me and my two boys, now 13 and 12, have watched every episode of hermit craft you have made, series 6 to 9, beginning to end. We love dipping in with other hermits. We often watch Scar, sometimes Mumbo, Tango, Perl, Impulse. Seeing Cleo, B00, Perl, Scar, Gem, Keralis' and today False's builds is of course always a wow. There are great builders and red stone masters on Hermit craft. But Grian, you are a brilliant content creator and entertainer. We love entering into all those builds, friendships and stories with you. Yes you are a good builder and sometimes we wish you would do that little bit more with your building. But the Hobbit hole, Mansion, barge, train, ally and mad floating rocks were all great just as they were. We never doubted the explosion of Docs machine was real, and the content generator was indeed a genius idea that gave some great laughs. All that is before we even touch on all your older build videos, Minecraft evolution, and then the life series, all of which we have loved. Hope you have a good break and then enjoy making series 10, because it's the friendships, interaction, mischief, laughing and fun as well as the ideas and building that make you such a joy to watch.

1.3K |


4 months ago

Tango should absolutely make Decked Out a proper map on some kind of minigame server. This thing is incredible

2.4K |


4 months ago

The drumming was actually recorded by Impulse, and the drumming animation was done with the Statues book and redstone, also by Impulse. And yes, the tickets handlers standing at the front gate are animated, you're not imagining things. Scar took an extra care of them to make them not so stationary and gave them some life.

480 |


4 months ago

Its cool seeing Grain's reaction to Gem and Pearl's stuff. I think both Gem and Pearl at points have expressed the pressure of joining HC and feeling the need to go extreme with their bases to prove they are worthy to be on the server. So to have one of the more established builders on the server gush over their stuff and how it inspires him to want to go harder next season is nice to see. Hope Gem and Pearl feel like proper established HC members now because they should.

34 |


4 months ago

why did grumbot's "be good" almost make me cry that's so sweet

91 |

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