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450,189 Views • Nov 19, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
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Matt and Jallen have to make a short that can compete with the most successful short in the history of Corridor.

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00:00 Who's Directing This?
01:15 Getting the Shots
04:39 Doing it in Post
05:24 Just for Deflation Videos
06:32 How to Pop a Bus
08:05 Brett "The Son" Driver
10:51 How to Pop a Building
13:12 You Gotta Have Friends
13:51 World's Happiest Boys
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Views : 450,189
Genre: Entertainment
Date of upload: Nov 19, 2023 ^^

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YouTube Comments - 612 Comments

Top Comments of this video!! :3


3 months ago

The part where they make Jordan come while she thinks she still has the balloon tied to her pants, and they fully know she doesn't, that was priceless!

1.2K |


3 months ago

I love how Wren is immediately like ''i must join my people'' 😂

121 |


3 months ago

JC being so confident and upset only to realize she didn't have the balloons was pure comedy gold🤣

516 |


3 months ago

The comedic timing of when Wren pops up at 1:46. Love it.

397 |


3 months ago

More of Matt uncomfortably attempting to communicate with children, please. 😂

543 |


3 months ago

I love Wren's goofy intro. "Ah'm pilot. Ah fly." 😂

79 |


3 months ago

"Dean, do you wanna see my floppy guy" caught me very off guard 🤣

19 |


3 months ago

The way Wren shows up, with the expression and the tune, should be the way Wren shows up in all these videos from now on. Perfection.

78 |


3 months ago

the editing in this video is very energetic but not chaotic, i love it

350 |


3 months ago

5:11 I CANNOT stop laughing 😂😂🤣🤣 Wren's my favorite Corridor member. Also Brett's hilarious in just the way he acts I love it.

15 |


3 months ago

The edit of this video, is so weirdly nice, it's like a bunch of friends doing their inside jokes, and this video is for themselves. And it makes me feel like part of their friend group <3

27 |


3 months ago

This felt like a classic corridor video, loved it!

190 |


3 months ago

The editing on THIS video is so well done props to whoever cut this BTS episode together top tier

34 |


3 months ago

Any time Brett is in something, no matter how small the role, dude gives it 200%. Adding him to a Matt and Jordan project was perfect especially a project that so perfectly captures that patented "Corridor hyper-reality." I need to go watch the short a second time.

19 |


3 months ago

This is next-level BTS storytelling. I wish all films had this. Quality stuff.

45 |


3 months ago

Man, Jordan Allen has grown so much in terms of his ability to explain the technical details of how they craft these shots. Like, he's reached Niko/Wren-levels of being able to break down how these complex shots are put together and how you can turn a cloth sim into Brett deflating.

19 |


3 months ago

I really want to applaud the VFX on this one. Some videos can have noticeable moments or things I can tell were likely VFX, but moments of the balloon lifting off or the bit where Jordan comes out from under the bus was so flawless that I really thought they might have climbed out from under some deflated bouncy castle. The things deflating never looked like they were simply a model, and overall I was blown away by this one. Very entertaining and very good.

46 |


3 months ago

The short was great and had that signature "just a bit over the top" feel of Corridor shorts. This video also gave me some great laughs (JC and the balloons) and I'm glad I did this over the 5 other things I should be doing right now.

18 |


3 months ago

Matt and Jordan A are amazing individuals. The magic in their personalities really shines through. Well done!

30 |


3 months ago

I was not expecting to see my 3d bus model featured on Corridor Crew. What an interesting surprise

4 |

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