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648,308 Views • Oct 22, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
Let Papa Paradox know who sent you: Game releases 24th October. Huge thanks to Paradox for sponsoring this video! #ad

The worst part of this is that I was genuinely trying to make a good city, it just went downhill very fast.
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


5 months ago

Let Papa Paradox know who sent you:! I mega enjoyed playing this (and I have continued the city of Redemption) and I'm sure if you like city builders you will LOVE this!

1.7K |


5 months ago

Wait till grian realises all he needs to do is elect mumbo as mayor

2.5K |


5 months ago

Grian immediately goes the LetsGameItOut route

4.9K |


5 months ago

Grian immediately just went to the GrayStillPlays or the LetsGameItOut or the RTGames route and I am loving it. Poop Mountain for some reason got me.

249 |


5 months ago

Grian is the perfect example of what happens when the goverment has no idea what its doing
"Cut spending and increase taxes"

748 |


5 months ago

Well this went from 0 to RT-levels of chaos immediately. All it was missing is meteors hurling towards the ground while "Country Roads" plays.

2.9K |


5 months ago (edited)

"Im going to exploit the enviroment"
Most normal Grian statement

1.1K |


5 months ago

This city is almost like heaven, it immediately reminded me of a place i belong. I teared up thinking of my home: West Virginia. The creativity is raining from the sky like a meteor storm, may the country roads one day lead me to this great place.

219 |


5 months ago

I'm sure Grian's sponsers will be really happy with him

337 |


5 months ago

The poopcano is such a common cities Skylines trope that people that have never played the game make it lol

1.6K |


5 months ago

Grian is what happens when you cross Max Fosh with a friendly nuke

3.4K |


5 months ago

I’ve been watching Xisuma play and thinking I could have fun with this game, but realistically this is definitely how my city would go

145 |


5 months ago

The cut from grian's city to keralis's cracked me up so bad

30 |


5 months ago

Imagine moving into a new city, excited for a new chapter in your life, only to discover Grian is the mayor

887 |


5 months ago (edited)

You’ve seen Let’s Game it Out. You’ve seen the Real Civil Engineer. Now get ready to see the true building master play City Skylines.

911 |


5 months ago

It's really impressive how you recreated London city in just an hour!

89 |


5 months ago

People have made this comparison a lot already- but, this is giving off loads of LetsGameItOut vibes. Grian asking what the limit is to how high you could make that mountain- is pure josh.

50 |


5 months ago

"I never thought I'd have to actually think this stuff through" - words to live by lol

107 |


5 months ago

Its nice to see you playing more than just minecraft, its always really nice.

574 |


5 months ago

I really feel like the redemption city was out of fear of not meeting the sponsoring requirements haha

43 |

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