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Real Life: 3rd LIFE! A one off special LIFE event where we play a round of the original 3rd life but using VR. It goes as well as you might expect.


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Top Comments of this video!! :3


1 month ago

For people who require hard clarification:

- This is a one off joke special, not a series.
- It is just a bit of fun for april fools, not taken seriously by anyone, including us.

26K |


1 month ago

Scar genuinely not realizing that "joining the club" meant dying was hilarious

1.9K |


1 month ago

"its april fools why don't you win" might be the funniest comment yet while solidarity didn't even realize it was banter to begin with

4.6K |


1 month ago

Grian decending to hell as a ghost is probably the most lore accurate Grian there is.

2.6K |


1 month ago

The comedic timing of Jimmy dying first, Grian and Scar addressing it, and then just hearing Jimmy complain off in the distance after he respawns, is just gold.

968 |


1 month ago


4.1K |


1 month ago

The VR made Grian panic so hard he actually called Solidarity 'Jim' instead of 'Tim' lmao

6.8K |


1 month ago

Grian saying “Timmy’s dead” and then Jimmy yelling “are you kidding me???” two seconds later killed me

909 |


1 month ago

My favorite moment of this absolute chaos: 12:12
Grian "Do you want to join the club?"
Scar "I wanna join the club!"
Grian Starts stabbing Scar
Scar "Wait, this means death?"
Grian k***s Scar "We have a new member! He's joined the club!"
Scar Visible confusion
Grian "What did you think the club was?"

489 |


1 month ago

“You know what a meter is!!”
“I’m AMERICAN!” 😂😂

14K |


1 month ago

Starts a murder cult and then asks "why am I descending?" after they die...

149 |


1 month ago

11:50 pearl casually loots the corps while the boys distracted celebrating is just hilarious

642 |


1 month ago

Scar, being something like 6'4 in person if he were to stand, being so tiny is hilarious

1.7K |


1 month ago

I love how scar immediately gravitated toward Grian.

2.5K |


1 month ago

Seeing Scar so small definitely reinforced the idea that Scar has to be protected at all cost. Also Shout-Out to the wholesome Grain-Scar hug.

269 |


1 month ago

Grian giving the outro without facing the camera was way funnier than it should have been.

254 |


1 month ago

coming up next, real real life!
An actual fight on an island with all your favourite hermit members!

18K |


1 month ago

21:00 "yk what,its april fools,why dont you win"
mix of gasps and cheers
Jim:"Oh my gosh!"
Impulse:"jimmy...that was an insult man..."


1.2K |


1 month ago

grian: we're basically recreating the first season--
scar: *immediately beelines toward him like an eager puppy*

41 |


1 month ago

The flat matter-of-fact expected style delivery of "Jimmy is dead" was so funny.

141 |

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