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Upload date: Premiered Aug 22, 2021 ^^

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Evgeniy Kurlenkov

00:05 - we fell in love in october
04:42 - i'll die anyway.
09:31 - watch you sleep.
12:58 - midnight love
17:39 - bad idea!
24:01 - You Stupid Bitch
28:36 - girls
34:56 - Serotonin
40:50 - i wanna be your girlfriend

11 months ago - 61 Likes


This was Marie's first live concert after almost 2 years

1 year ago - 134 Likes

Марс 3310

Согласитесь, это потрясающе

6 months ago - 12 Likes


What a incredible way of playing after 2 years!!!! I love orchestras, they make the songs play deeper in our souls!💕thank you for the video, my love ❤️ this is my favorite YouTube channel!!!!

1 year ago - 33 Likes


i love the vibe this guitarist gives. He always seem to into it, but always very into checking on everyone else being well, yet never talking or barely ever. A very great presence

4 months ago - 3 Likes

[Insert Channel Name Here]

I LOVE these arrangements, especially watch you sleep and midnight love!

10 months ago - 16 Likes


She is such a great performer

4 months ago - 1 Likes


I love that they added the orchestra! So beautiful!!

7 months ago - 5 Likes


This orchestra is something beautiful

1 year ago - 18 Likes

BigBaby Brent

omg, so glad your performing again. cant wait till you come to the U.S. still remember your tour you didnt get to do. i was so saddened to hear its cancelation. this is absolutely amazing. Thanks for the leaf btw

1 year ago - 28 Likes


Wow 🤩 Stunning performance. I love the orchestra addition

1 year ago - 9 Likes


A energia desse vídeo é maravilhosa. A voz da Marie parece um anjo cantando, ficou tão bonito.

4 months ago - 1 Likes

_The crazy_

Joder quiero ir algún dia en serio, apenas cumpla la mayoria de edad supongo, esperame marie, esperame que algun dia iré a un concierto tuyo <3

Damn I want to go someday seriously, as soon as I come of age I guess, wait for me Marie, wait for me that one day I'll go to a concert of yours <3

1 year ago - 15 Likes

Demelza McMahon

This is amazing thank you for the recording!! I wish I knew the language she's speaking, I assume it's norwegen but idk how to spell it shjgjgkf

1 year ago - 14 Likes

Lukas Kole

She is so unique! Wow... Watching in Texas!

1 year ago - 2 Likes

Danielle Fernandez

Compré mi boleto para tu concierto en Texas 2022 ❤ cant wait to see you there♡

1 year ago - 5 Likes


I dont know if you guys know that the meaning of Maries last name translates to The Wolf , i find that to be a beautiful reflection

1 year ago - 8 Likes

L. V.

Russian speakers are also here! Very, very sweet, I am delighted! Bravo!!!!

1 year ago - 6 Likes

who's Camila Diogo

thank u so so so much for posting it! u got my heart <3

1 year ago - 6 Likes


Great show! Thanks for uploading this!

1 year ago - 7 Likes