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Melanie Martinez - FAERIE SOIRÉE (Official Music Video)
4,472,107 Views • Premiered Feb 9, 2024 • Click to toggle off description
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Director: Melanie Martinez
Production Company: Dojohouse
EP / Producer: Abi Perl
EP / Producer: Danny Pollack
Director of Photography: Nyk Allen
Production Designer: Arae Webner
VFX: Ingenuity Studios
Production Manager: Chris San Andreas
Production Coordinator: Emily Shulmanovich
1st Assistant Director: Kellie Jotackett
Key Hair: William Scott Blair

Key Makeup: Laurel Charleston
SFX MUA: Malina Stearns
SFX MUA Assist: Sasha Bennett
Hair Assist: Matthew Sosnowski
Costume Designer: Melanie Martinez
Associate Costume Designer: Marco Morante
Costume Fabrication / Fabric Manipulation: Marco Marco

Choreographer: Nina McNeely
Choreographer Assist: Jamie Donovan
Choreographer Assist 2: Marlon Pelayo
Dancer 1: Jas Lin
Dancer 2: Brooke Shepherd
Dancer 3: Brandon Mathis
Dancer 4: Andrea Bess
Dancer 5: Angel Mammoliti
Dancer 6: Jose Baez

Editor: John Paul Horstmann
Colorist: Kaitlyn Battistelli @ Ethos
Sound Design: CJ Baran

CLT: Mathias Peralta
BBE: Jacob Kaster
SLT: Cameron Smith
SLT: Rebekah Lloyd
SLT: Raul Cervantes
SLT: Joe Escandell
Lighting Programmer: Patrick Mattes

Key Grip: Alex Picasso
BBG/Driver: Paul Reynoso
Grip: Andrew Williams
Grip: Luke Barger
Grip: Domonic Picasso
1st Assistant Camera: Erick Aguilar
2nd Assistant Camera: Bryam Aguilar
Steadicam Op: Greg Arch
Techno Crane Op: Corey Kiefer
Techno Crane Op Assist: Brandon Thorne
Techno Crane Op Assist: Christian Hurley
Remote Head Op: Karson Holbrook
Art Director: Luis Diaz & Bill Horbury
Art Coordinator: Michelle Hanzelova
Set Designer (Assist): Drew Bender
Prop Master: Hannah Olsen
Prop Assist: Samara Mitchell
Prop Assist: Emily Joe
Leadman: Darren Cantone

Set Dresser: Miguel Gregory
Set Dresser: Mikey Cuellar
Set Dresser: Giles Agustine
Set Dresser: Joel Darden
Set Dresser: Hugo Contrares
Hyphenate: Jamal Hollis

Greens: Carl Nunez
Greens: Eric Neary
Greens: Robert A Bissonnette
Greens: Chris Ridino

Special Effects Lead: Arthur Hayes
Special Effects Foreman: Simon White
Special Effects Technician: Carlos Perez
Greens: Eric Neary
Greens: Robert A Bissonnette
Greens: Chris Ridino

Special Effects Lead: Arthur Hayes
Special Effects Foreman: Simon White
Special Effects:Technician: Carlos Perez
On Set Stylist: David Gangel
Assistant Costume Designer: Blake Danford
Stylist (Extras): Rio Warner
Assistant Costume Designer: Sasha Broer
Dresser: Samara Sin
Dresser: Ben Tancredi

VFX: Ingenuity Studios
Partner/VFX Supervisor: Grant Miller
VFX Executive Producer: Kieley Culbertson
Senior VFX Producer: Tara Acquesta
VFX Supervisor: Jack Wesson
On Set Supervisors: Brad Clapper
Comp Supervisor: Pablo Pollaci
CG Leads: Kenzo Santos, Paul J. Baran
Comp Leads: Pamela Navarro, Nathalia Sanchez
Comp Beauty & Paint Leads: Wei Zhou & Zhuqing Li
Roto Leads: Bryll Ortiz & Suttichai Sripan
VFX Coordinator: Valentina Gonzalez
CG Coordinator: Ale Mata Gutiérrez
Comp Coordinators: Lienna Su, Stella Chandra
Comp PAs: Natalia Valentia, Mikaela Kristanto
Environment Artists: Thierry Yves Leon Durieux, Mei Miyasaka
Modeling Artists: Fahmi Putra, Changyong Zhao, Clement Poerwanto

3D Characters Supervisor: Jared Schwartz
3D Character artists: Xinhao Zhou , Renata Michelino Kunicki
3D Animator: Christian Borza
Lead Rigger: Zhehao (Fred) Qiao
Rigger: Johnathon Slender
FX Artists: William Stehlik, Sandip Rathod, David Gurrola Ravi Kumar Nallagatla
Lighting Artists: Carlos Monroy Soto, Nicholas Culleton
Tracking Matchmove Leads: Rebecca McKee, Chen Kuang Hsu
Tracking Matchmove Artists: Jamie Ball, Rushikesh Ahire , Jessica Junesha, Wildan Thalib, Haikal Ramadhan, Emir Assalam, Bonaventura Setiawan, Bramasta Buana, Fransana Nanlohy, Aimee Zermeño

VTR: Robert Buckholz
Sound Mixer/Playback; Taylor Haycraft
2nd Assistant Director: Mallory Chevalier
2nd 2nd AD: RJ Collins
AD PA: Travis Jones

Stunt Coordinator: Charles Gresham
Lead Rigger: Jared De Witt
Stunt Rigger: Marc Scizak
Stunt Rigger: Seth Duhame
Stunt Double: Tiana Webberley

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Views : 4,472,107
Genre: Music
Date of upload: Premiered Feb 9, 2024 ^^

Rating : 4.877 (10,161/319,171 LTDR)
RYD date created : 2024-02-27T00:26:38.907903Z
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


2 weeks ago


12K |


1 week ago

I love the backup dancers so much. Genuinely. They add so much to it and they look like they’re having an absolute ball

1.1K |


1 week ago

The overall beat has an upbeat type tone but when you really listen, some of the instruments give off sad vibes. I think the meaning of this song is like when you feel down or depressed or you wanna take your life, you turn to drugs and feel magical. I think when the dancers fell, they overdosed and died so that could be part of the meaning. Basically, you wanna feel happy and hide all the pain with happiness. This shows there are some people who go through this and mental health and just wanna feel okay but not really in a safe way. Thats my theory

472 |


1 week ago

i imagine its very comfortable to sleep inside of a flower petal.

453 |


1 week ago

melanie, the wings, the fairies, the dance, the background, th song, the instrumental, the voice, the lyrics... everything slay

292 |


1 week ago

Something Melanie is amazing at is casting background dancers. They are always phenomenal, diverse, and clearly love what they do. They breathe even more passion to every one of her projects to the point that it feels wrong to call them “background” dancers. They feel just as important as the set, music, artist, etc

72 |


2 weeks ago

Se viene light shower procedo a llorar

1.5K |


1 week ago

i'm gonna be honest. FAERIE SOIRÉE wasn't really my type of song when i first heard it, but after watching the music video, i'm looking forward to stream the song with more optimism than before. great work as always, Melanie Martinez

152 |


5 days ago

Just realized that her character had wings that she could have used to fly to the top of the flower rather than climbing the entire thing HAHAHA

31 |


1 week ago

0:53 orange juice
2:08 tunnel vision
3:14 strawberry shortcake
3:46 orange juice last scene

411 |


1 week ago

The blue stars running on my forehead
Cold wings fluttering and moving
Mushrooms everywhere I'm turning
Laced with love, intensive grooving
They said, they said
I know how to make you go crazy every day
Ooh-ah, ooh-ah (ah)
Tease your mind and trick you, you really wanna stay
Ooh-ah, ooh-ah (ah)
I know the way to make you lose your pace
Your trace, your trace
If you wanna ride with the magic
Lose sight of the gravity of weight
Lips of sugar, I'm breathing the pheromones again
Ooh-ah, ooh-ah (ah)
Hands are tied and Miranda Rights don't mean nothing
Led me astray to the faerie soirée
Alone, alone
Now I wanna ride with the magic
Lose sight of the gravity of home
Blue stars running on my forehead
Cold wings fluttering and moving
Mushrooms everywhere I'm turning
Laced with love, intensive grooving
They said, they said
They said
Somewhere on Venus, they're searching for me
While I'm covered in muck from the earth and the sea
Scratching this carcass like dogs with the fleas
I keep leaning to dying in all of my dreams
Gather me, all of we, everyone
I've been the boys and the girls
And everyone in between
Gather me, all of we, everyone
I've been the boys and the girls
And everyone in between

55 |


2 days ago

0:53 orange juice
1:30 one of her concerts while she was performing lunchbox friends
1:32 idk kinda like nurses office just if it was with a drink
1:50 strawberry shortcake
2:08 tunnel vision
2:16 class fight/glued performance (when I’m out of K-12)

11 |


2 weeks ago


3.7K |


1 week ago

3:44 VENUS is so good 😢❤

101 |


1 week ago

Melanie Martinez is an actress, director, photographer, screenwriter, storyteller, poet, choreographer, visual artist, singer, composer, costume designer, and dancer.

22 |


1 week ago

I will never understand how melanie can have 15.3 M subscribers and her videos don't even reach half that number of views in a month. Where tf are yall??

31 |


1 week ago

I love this era so much 😭 the costumes are super pretty and i love the sets

42 |


1 week ago

Idk why but whenever she says “Love, intense, and grooving” ITS SO CATCHY AND GOES WITH SONG SO WELL IDK WHY I JUST LOVE THAT LYRIC-

10 |


2 weeks ago


2.7K |


1 week ago

why melanie slays with everything? i need to learn 😭😭😭

35 |

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