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Parasite Eve Series Retrospective | An Exhaustive History and Review
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Thanks to games like Resident Evil, Dead Space and Signalis, a long forgotten relic of the 90s has come roaring back into relevance. Survival horror is back and bigger than ever – but where is one of it’s flagship franchises?

Today we’ll be exploring Parasite Eve, a series that is as chaotic as it is brilliant, combining Final Fantasy with Silent Hill and Stephen King with Stephen Hawking. It may be an iconic PlayStation franchise – but where it is now and why did it disappear?

It's part critique, part retrospective, part review and part history lesson - obviously full of spoilers and obviously full of my opinions.


All media in this video is used for the purpose of review, commentary or criticism and is defined as fair use under US Copyright law.

Credit for the incredible thumbnail goes to the immensely talented - @MicahTheBrave

Credit also goes to Goodreads user "Brandon" for his hilarious review of Parasite Eve the novel that turned me onto the two baffling quotes shown during that section

=== Chapters ===
00:00:00 – Survival Horror Reborn (Introduction)
00:03:11 – The Root of All Evil (Novel)
00:12:06 – The Root of All Evil (Film)
00:22:19 – Parasite Eve I – Development
00:35:17 – Parasite Eve I – Square’s Survival Horror
00:55:50 – Parasite Eve I – Cinematic Role Playing
01:07:14 – Parasite Eve I – A Matter of Fine Balance
01:18:32 – Parasite Eve I – The Blockbuster Finale
01:33:35 – Parasite Eve I – Post Traumatic Content
01:43:08 – Parasite Eve II – Development
01:52:35 – Parasite Eve II – Evolution
02:06:56 – Parasite Eve II – Progression
02:20:33 – Parasite Eve II – Doppelganger
02:33:49 – Parasite Eve II – Recurrence
02:55:50 – The 3rd Birthday – Development
03:05:57 – The 3rd Birthday – A Circus of Change
03:18:28 – The 3rd Birthday – Twisted and Wrong
03:30:16 – The 3rd Birthday – The End of an Era
03:45:44 – Survival Horror Remade (Conclusion)


#ParasiteEve #SurvivalHorror #Retrospective
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


3 months ago

If you're desperate for more LENGTHY video CONTENT - you're in luck. I've just posted a new video covering the entire ONIMUSHA SERIES. It's a lengthy exploration of one of the great lost franchises and how it almost destroyed the company that made it. Enjoy! - https://youtu.be/6zI6lW3BjZ4?si

286 |


1 month ago

I keep waking up to this video on autoplay

3K |


1 month ago

Don’t even know who this dude is but already know other people wake up to this exact video bcuz of auto play lmfao

352 |


2 months ago

I keep falling asleep with YouTube on auto play and this is probably the 10th time I've woke up to find this video played all the way through again.

388 |


9 months ago

Its actually incredibly comforting to know that, when I picked up the 3rd Birthday as a teen and it made No Damn Sense, that I wasn't alone. Even the people who knew it was a sequel (which I did not) were in the same boat.

255 |


1 year ago

I was a 3d character modeler/rigger in the PS1/PS2 days so it's very nostalgic seeing video footage of artists working in front of their PCs at the time. We create assets an entirely different way today with a lot less limitations, but there was a art to creating models that were aesthetically pleasing with very limited polygons, bone count and texture map sizes. Fun times

342 |


1 year ago

The thing I like most about Parasite Eve is that the game rejects the novel's take on organ donation. The novel hews towards traditional Japanese biases against it, and the characters are ultimately punished for their role in the process of donating organs. The game, however, says that Aya's donated organ is a GOOD thing, and in fact it is the thing that makes her a superhero who can save the city. This is a SCALDING hot take from a Japanese company in the 90s and I'm still surprised that they went that way, 25 years later.

1K |


5 months ago

O man, I didn’t even know Parasite Eve started as a novel. I just thought Squaresoft had some wild writing staff.

309 |


9 months ago

Man, I never played these games. But I will never forget walking in on my cousin playing this with my brother, and I saw that intro sequence of people spontaneously combusting as Eve sings. A sequence so haunting that I ran out of the living room crying and unable to sleep that night.

305 |


1 year ago

The immense strength it must have taken to make this video without giving in to the impulse to say "the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell"...

695 |


1 year ago

Parasite Eve was my first love, this game literally made me the biology freak I am today. At one point, all i did was playing Parasite Eve 2 over and over again, I remember crying when my memory card died and my 16 completitions save got deleted. Man those where the times, thank you

311 |


9 months ago

I played parasite eve and PE 2 in middle school and they still sit on my shelf to this day, it is so insane to me all these years later they fumbled a premise like this so badly in the end.

83 |


1 month ago

So im not the only one waking up to either this or the Indiana Jones video?

5 |


1 year ago

Man, I remember all my friends pre-ordering Parasite Eve. We got it at the midnight launch and drove home. We cooked popcorn and grabbed our soda and slimjims, turned off the lights and melted our faces until we passed out. Those were amazing years man and I will never forget the first game.

2.1K |


1 year ago

You've really got a knack for taking a comprehensive, deep dive into a game's history, without making the end result feel bloated or superfluous. πŸ‘

286 |


1 month ago

Bro how did i wake up watching this

20 |


5 months ago

I've had a love for this game since I was a child. I was born in 1993, and I was exposed to PE before I could even read. My mom used to play it for me and would read the subtitles for me so that I could enjoy the story. During a time where there weren't that many female leads to look up to, Aya Brea quickly became my first love for a video game character. To this day, Aya is still my number one favorite, and PE is still my favorite game/story. I would love nothing more than to see it get a remake or a sequel that it deserves. The Third Birthday was such a massive let down, and nothing broke my heart more than being forced to literally kill a character that is so special to me. Thank you for your review, and for giving something so beloved to me some attention that it deserves.

61 |


1 year ago

God being reminded of just how awfully Aya got done is such a crime. It's so sad that one of the best female characters in gaming has been hidden away because we don't want people to see the 3rd birthday and how it really is the worst angle. I would absolutely love a remake of the parasite eve games but like any game series there needs to be a champion and a prospect of actual sales to warrant the cost. Super well done video. Subbed.

142 |


1 year ago

The amount of work you put into these is beyond amazing to me. I'm simultaneously nostalgic for when I first played PE, and also really intrigued by the stuff I didn't know about, like the book and the movie.

141 |


11 months ago

Parasite eve 1 to this day is still my favorite game of all time

65 |

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