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103,170 Views • Feb 6, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
This week, on Hermitcraft!

This episode covers videos released between Saturday January 28 and Friday February 3, 2023.

→ r/hermitcraft Discord: discord.gg/U5QbH9pWG4
→ Website: www.hermitcraft.com/
→ Twitter: twitter.com/hermitcraft_
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Sloy's gonna say it's his fault this one's late, but frankly I can only blame myself. I'm the one who bought him Horizon: Zero Dawn on the Steam sale and then left town for a week while Pixlriffs was already out of town 😔 ~L
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Views : 103,170
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Date of upload: Feb 6, 2023 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


1 year ago

‘Wobbling pile of entropy’ is now officially my favourite description of Grian

825 |


1 year ago

"wiggles the False and boggles the mind" Zloy you're the best

445 |


1 year ago

Pearl scolding Jevin like a disappointed parent is just gold 🤣

513 |


1 year ago

"Check this out guys, they added Australia to Minecraft." Pearl: "oi what mate"

130 |


1 year ago

"Assigns them Canadian" okay you've convinced me, I need to watch Doc's video for all the anvil nonsense lol

273 |


1 year ago

2:29 I knew it would be in the recap. Mcytblr sexyman poll made the recap. We won guys.

233 |


1 year ago

Damn Zloy got a time machine to check on the episodes released all the way in February 23rd, holy moly.

696 |


1 year ago

Pix appears to still be outside of recording basement but Zloy is keeping up the pace greatly

351 |


1 year ago

I low key would love Zedaph doing a guest Recap

422 |


1 year ago

Actually, if Pixlriffs is returning into the VO basement for next week, I will miss Sloy's voice. As great as Pix is, Sloy has a very specific enthusiastic timbre that makes these very very enjoyable!

111 |


1 year ago

8:19 I think it would be really funny if the only line from Zedaph next week is “Hi this is Zedaph, please leave a message after the tone.”

36 |


1 year ago

Hmm, I'm kinda torn. The idea of Zedaph doing the voiceover for HCR fills me with a strange combination of joy and dread.

158 |


1 year ago

I've never heard a more apt description of grian than "wobbling pile of entropy"

45 |


1 year ago

On the subject of getting some British accent on, it would be hilarious if you guys got Mumbo to read the script for next week's recap, just so he can interject after each item with something like "Oh wow, that's what they've been up to? I've got to get back on the server."

41 |


1 year ago

"It wiggles the False, and boggles the mind" - Zloy 2023

12 |


1 year ago

I still can’t get over how Pearl scolded Jevin like a disappointed mother

60 |


1 year ago

You should let Lyarrah voice-over at least 1 Recap Video. Would be a fun episode to hear the final Team Member!

38 |


1 year ago

I really laughed at "turbo-vomiting spiders" 😂

23 |


1 year ago

SAINTSWEEP Thank you for this lovely gift to Hermitblr, everyone is going nuts I LOVE 'the False wiggler', it's such a fun phrase. 'They added Australia to Minecraft' made me laugh out loud. I hope Pix being back is some stress off your plate, but you did an amazing job w/ the writing and voiceover!

37 |


1 year ago

not even ten seconds in and I'm already cracking up over "Manmade horrors beyond my comprehension were provided by the fanbase" xD

7 |

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