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This week, on Hermitcraft!

This episode covers videos released between Saturday February 4 and Friday February 10, 2023.

Thank you to @Zedaph for filling in this week! Click his name to head to his channel, or support him here: www.patreon.com/zedaphplays
If you wanna see the other recap eps he's done:
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The real reason Zedaph is who we brought in this week isn't even "well he voiced a Recap last time Pix went out of town for a month and it worked out, let's do it again", it's that I've been in enough Hermits' streams to know he's the only one who pronounces my name right. ~Ly
Edit: Sloy would like it to be known that the above is a joke. Really, we just made the joke last week and everyone responded well so now we're following through. Sometimes, truth isn't as funny as our jokes. Sorry! ~Ly
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Top Comments of this video!! :3


1 year ago

Zloy, thanks for having me voice the recap, it was great fun! I don't know how you and Pix do this every week!!!

4.8K |


1 year ago

I mean just looking at the facts, that feels less like an "anvil bug" and more like an "anvil [intentional game design]"

1.2K |


1 year ago

You deadass actually got Zedaph to do a recap... Zloy... Well done! Slow claps Who's next, Xisuma?!?!

2K |


1 year ago

Petition to have every hermit voice a recap once

2.3K |


1 year ago

Let's be honest, Zed won''t have to cause disarray in Grian's storage "system" to have stuff be "misplaced"

433 |


1 year ago

Zed planning to steal things throughout the entire video is the best

337 |


1 year ago

Zloy, I'm in awe of your grasp of a second language to be able to write not only better straight prose than most native speakers, but to be able to write humor in that language as well. That is truly amazing.

74 |


1 year ago

When ever you cut to ImpulseSV's industrial district, I think get confused and think it's a clip of a superflat world for a second.

228 |


1 year ago

Preemptive request for next week: begin the recap with Oli and Sausage singing the we miss you Mumbo song, and then wish granted.

150 |


1 year ago

And thus began the quest to make every hermit voice over at least one episode of Hermitcraft Recap.

209 |


1 year ago

The thing about a warehouse, is sometimes when there's a full moon at night, it turns into a house. 7:39

111 |


1 year ago

Grian making r2d2 screaming noices will forever be my fave hermitcraft clip

58 |


1 year ago

8:45 quite the opposite, Doc intentionally tries to kill with only one anvil to prevent items from being destroyed

90 |


1 year ago

Don't get me wrong, I loved the Zedaph cameo in this weeks recap, but I also loved getting to hear Sloy the last few vids - Ty to both Sloy and Lyarrah for everything you guys do <3

36 |


1 year ago

I can't believe we've been in season 9 for almost a year now

369 |


1 year ago

I now almost want Doc and Zloy to do a recap.

276 |


1 year ago

Man, I LOVE Zedaph. This is officially my favorite recap ever asjkdiasdjquwida

162 |


1 year ago

I hope Grian will get Mumbo to help build a vault to protect his deepslate emerald ore from zedaph, all being set up here in the recap

56 |


1 year ago

I really wanna see Grian do one of these! (And also props to you Zedaph!)

179 |


1 year ago

And here I thought that the Hermitcraft and Recap crossover had ended almost a month and a half ago already!

56 |

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