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2 weeks ago

Many creators have teamed up and are working together to help raise money for Palestine. If you can, please consider donating <3 tiltify.com/@creators-for-palestine/creators-for-p…

32K |


1 week ago

WE LOVE prescribed DRUGS! (taken responsibly)

45K |


1 week ago

"Miku obsession" into "ADHD/autism diagnoses" is the 2nd funniest consecutive videos since "dating simulator" into "coming out as ace"

16K |


2 days ago

As a person with sever adhd and autism I checked Spotify, scrolled TikTok, drew, scroll discord, check Spotify, imagined myself doing various tasks while rocking back and forth, checked Spotify, in the 17 minute spam of this video 😭

162 |


2 days ago

SHES ONE OF US, LETS WELCOME HER Starts throwing a bunch of plushies at jaiden

59 |


1 week ago

Jaiden: "I have ADHD." Every neurodivergent YouTube user: Pretends to be surprised

24K |


1 week ago

Hearing about ADHD from popular media: "This has nothing to do with me" Hearing about ADHD from actual people with ADHD: "Wait, this is the most relatable thing I've ever heard"

9K |


12 hours ago

4:07 The "two blocks of iron strapped to both of my hands" rreally hit home. I really really really struggled with my engineering degree , to the point of it feeling like torturing myself to essentially do challenging homeworks. I have graduated with nearly dropping out around 12 times, but I am happy to report to you people , that for my brain going to work is significantly less painful than going to university.

13 |


2 days ago

the biggest gamechanger for me was realizing it wasn’t a bad thing to do things differently than i was taught by neurotypicals. it takes time, but once you find what works for you, it’s insane just how much easier life is. best of luck to you and all my fellow adhd/autistic folks out there!

133 |


1 week ago

Yeah that makes sense

60K |


1 week ago

I was diagnosed with Autism back in January at age 20. It's crazy how when you're diagnosed with neurodivergency, nothing changes but everything makes sense.

53K |


2 days ago

The worst thing is the psychiatrists who absolutely refuse to believe you can develop adult ADHD and won't even entertain that you have it if you didn't show symptoms in childhood.

150 |


2 days ago

Pointing at the crying guy in the stage- that's me. I'm glad for you Jaiden!

27 |


1 week ago

As someone with ADHD a sentence that really helped me when Im stuck in ADHD paralysis is “if you were lazy you would be having fun”.

3.8K |


1 week ago

Perfect example of the fact that symptoms for adhd (and autism) isn’t always the stereotypical stuff

19K |


2 days ago

I need to get tested for ADHD and/or autism too, but my parents keep yelling at me when I asked- They're like, "You're normal. You're fine." I also find it interesting how every person who does not have a diagnosis or smthn says I don't have anything but everyone who IS actually neurodivergent says I'm autistic CONSTANTLY 😅.

66 |


2 days ago

As an ADHDer who got medicated a couple years ago, I felt “the voices are gone” so hard, also this video has given me a motivation burst and now I’m cleaning my room instead of playing Minecraft with my parents because you gotta ride the “do now” wave while it lasts

14 |


1 week ago

"i did all my homework on time!", "sure i didn't like Studying and found it hard to focus", "Up Until College" hit me like a truck,, i feel like that's a template for adhd diagnosis at this point

18K |


1 week ago

Jaiden has conquered the three A’s: -Aromantic -Asexual -ADHD (*in whispers* and autism)

40K |


2 days ago

The fact that I was so excited to watch this video when I first saw it come out but procrastinated watching it for 11 days… feel you Jaiden lmao cheers to getting shit done!

10 |

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