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how much do you think they got right :o
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Views : 7,771,204
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Date of upload: Jul 15, 2023 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


2 months ago

“Your gonna become attached to the baby” Jaiden: “I still have Tofu’s eggs in the freezer.”

3K |


10 months ago

Any psychic that tells you to take your pets to the vet instead of trying to sell you some spirit protection nonsense is a psychic I respect.

95K |


1 month ago

Psychic 2's advice of getting into hiking really hits differently after Jaiden's newest Japan video

697 |


1 month ago

They weren’t kidding when they said she’d have 3 kids, seeing how she made a video about the 3 eggs on the drawer.

422 |


5 months ago

7:44 With the video of ari and tofu having eggs, technically she became very attached to them, to the point she put them in a freezer just to not boil them.

4K |


10 months ago

you could tell psychic 2 was doing it out of pure hobby & passion. a cozy little psychic room in the closet & telling you to go to the vet instead. i love her already.

15K |


3 months ago

Psychic 2 is adorable. I love how you drew her as Maya Fey from phoenix wright.

490 |


3 weeks ago

I just love how the first psychic just looked like Jaiden described her and the other three are portrayed by psychic characters of gaming in Maya Fey (literally a spirit medium from Ace Attorney), Sabrina (psychic Pokémon gym leader of Kanto) and Chihaya Mifune (fortune teller from Persona 5).

57 |


10 months ago

My aunt used the be a psychic back in the 90s. She did palm readings, astral map, tarot, the whole thing. Her clients were, usually, middle and upper class stay-at-home wifes. I remember asking her about her job and she told me her job was, essentially, to be a friend of these women. These ladies that lived for her husbands and essentially had no friends or social interactions outside of family, she was there basically to listen to them and bond with them over weird little things they care about. It completely changed my perspective about her job. Sure, there are a lot of psychs that are scammers and predatories. But there are also those "stealth-therapists" like my aunt; SPECIALLY back then in the 90s with the whole stigma of therapy and the whole patriarchy thing.

3.3K |


10 months ago

The whole " you will have 3 kids and live past 80" definitely feels like a script read for someone Jaiden's gender and age. Either that or they really were psychics.

2.1K |


1 month ago

“You’ll have three children” Jaiden getting three eggs about a year later:

79 |


4 months ago

here me out: they never said the kids you'd have were HUMAN children. You will have three pets. probably more but you will have at least three fur/feather babies.

208 |


10 months ago

That 4th one I think is probably the most dangerous to deal with. She's pushy without seeming predatory, and dishonest about what and when she's charging you beforehand AND during that time she had you wait she really hacked your info somehow and found out your exact income information.

1.4K |


10 months ago

the panic at being told you’ll have 3 kids from 4 psychics is so real i would’ve caved and bought things to dispel that energy lmao

3.3K |


3 weeks ago

Absolutely LOVE the ace attorney references with the second psychic.

24 |


4 months ago

7:44 - And months later, she says her bird laid eggs

36 |


10 months ago

I like how she mentions that she doesn’t want 3 kids, even though that part has already come true. She has Ari, Tofu, and Tostada. Those psychics were spot on!

3.9K |


10 months ago

Psychic 2 is just… awesome She just does what you ask for, recommends a hobby thats good for both your mental and physical health, and then tells you to go to the vet if you have real concerns very wholesome

3K |


3 weeks ago

3 babies (Tofu’s eggs) Hiking (Japan trip) New and exciting opportunities (Japan trip) 10:19 Queen card: reaching your potential and destiny in life, Cups: importance of self care and nurturing your emotions Pentacles: motherly, practical energy, nurturing, down to earth, takes responsibility and cares for family Bands- I mean wands: the process of self discovery and awakening who you really are. (I think) The indisputable queen

8 |


10 months ago

Psychic 4 was a smart psychic because she put you in a situation that was really difficult to get out of. The other psychics just gave you a really easy to decline offer, but by you having to borrow her things, it encouraged you to come back repeatedly, before eventually swindling 800 dollars from you.

2.4K |

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