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261,335 Views • May 7, 2023 • Click to toggle off description
This week, on Hermitcraft!

This episode covers videos released between Saturday April 29 and Friday May 5, 2023.

→ r/hermitcraft Discord: discord.gg/U5QbH9pWG4
→ Website: www.hermitcraft.com/
→ Twitter: twitter.com/hermitcraft_
→ Reddit: www.redlib.matthew.science/r/HermitCraft
→ Twitch Channel: www.twitch.tv/hermitcraft_/
→ Background music: www.bensound.com/
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Views : 261,335
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Date of upload: May 7, 2023 ^^

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Top Comments of this video!! :3


1 year ago

Scar gives new meaning to Lactose Intolerance

929 |


1 year ago

"ZombieCleo has put a child in a wheelchair and drove a server-mate to tears" is one of the best lines I've heard in awhile

3.5K |


1 year ago

"You never know if you'll wake up in the morning." Hits different after you blow up Doc's tunnel bore.

1.2K |


1 year ago

My favourite part of the Doc-Grian-Scar saga is that Grian and Scar tried to make Doc less angry by asking for a tour of his perimeter and getting all excited and impressed by his contraptions - except several of them are basically doomsday machines and they've angered the Goat.

1.1K |


1 year ago

The tunnel bore incident feels like when 2 kids accidentally break something and trying to hide it from their parents

1.8K |


1 year ago

And Grian wonders why a creeper cannon was aimed at his base

1.3K |


1 year ago

You never know if you'll wake up in the morning. Grian voice: Scar NO, SCAR NOOHOOHOOOO!!

2.2K |


1 year ago

I'm sure this will make it into the next recap, but I loved when Cleo put the blinking creeper costume in their museum labelled as "until recently, the worst thing scar did"

246 |


1 year ago

"It all started when grian touched my redstone " Never thought I would see this words again

298 |


1 year ago

Pix: this week on hermit craft Scar: “I milkshame people” Grian: OH NO SCAR Pearl: googly eyes Docm: anger intensifies Gem and impulse: Bombs Mumbo: Copper

1.4K |


1 year ago

The hermits trying to peer pressure Grian to build the back of his base is hilarious. And Gem and Impulse threatening to explode his base and making the machine.

794 |


1 year ago

Poor doc, continually barraged by the chaos of Grian and Scarr

822 |


1 year ago

6:30 "Pearl buys the biggest pack of googly-eyes she could find and sticks them on 'Everything, Everywhere, All at Once.'" Still got a chuckle out of me. I love Sloy's and Pixlriff's writing skills. Goals.

128 |


1 year ago

Scar did lose the dragon at the dropper mini game a while back, i guess stress has found it

95 |


1 year ago

Props to whoever decided to make that alteration to scar's Minecraft skin in the thumbnail

432 |


1 year ago

grian even said "this is doc's world and we're just living in it" when he saw the wardens grian and scar are in even more trouble than they know lmfao

60 |


1 year ago

Grian has Impulse, Gem and Scar on his case for not finishing the back of his base Grian (and Scar) has Doc on his case for blowing up the tunnelbore Grian has logged off (And I think he might want to skip town too, for good measure)

472 |


1 year ago

The funny thing to me is that Doc seemed more annoyed at the escape tunnel they made then what happened to his redstone. xD;

37 |


1 year ago

I'm always blown away by the Recap team's ability to pull together a concise and hilarious summary of events, but for some reason the writing on this week's episode really stands out. The flow, the jokes... GG guys this one's a banger

104 |


1 year ago

At this point Grian and Scar are either a dynamic duo, or one stooge short of three stooges. either way i hear hermitgang playing

69 |

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