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1 year ago

The fact that scar and grian blew up docs machine, scar tried to blow up grians wood farm and scar did kill bdubs horse is crazy

1.3K |


1 year ago

Scar making enemies twice in a row this season is surely gonna end well... right...?

1.2K |


1 year ago

"until recently, the worst thing Scar has ever done" got me good

522 |


1 year ago

Bdubs horse AND the tunnel Bore.... Scar is a menace right now and I can't see it ending well

658 |


1 year ago

Just realised that as kings, both Cleo AND Pixl did the exact same thing: asking for peoples stuff to throw into a museum Great minds think alike, and all that

336 |


1 year ago

Dubloons! The exclamation point is important!

413 |


1 year ago

Me: "A balrog at the bottom of the pit would be great." Next moment. Pix: "freeing up the prank spot for whoever wants to build a balrog emerging through the facilities."

103 |


1 year ago

Does Pix’s wonderful copper aging machine under Xisuma’s base get used at all… between Mumbo and Joe, it feels like there are better ways to live

635 |


1 year ago

Omg, I was unaware that Scar killed Bdubs horse... he's such a menace, he's going to be the singular cause for Hermitcraft's S9 war instead of Grian at this rate. I'm a bit worried for him with how many enemies he's making lately, what else could he cause? How much further is this going to escalate??... (this is a friendly reminder to those who take this too seriously that this is just a game & they're all good friends at the end of the day, as much grief that they occasionally cause to each other lol... it happens)

109 |


1 year ago

Bdubs teaming up with Doc to get Scar would be interesting.

187 |


1 year ago

I love that Pix is barley containing laughter as the horse clip is being played

61 |


1 year ago

Mi Amore thought they were in heaven upon seeing the beautiful home Bdubs created... and then Scar happened.

40 |


1 year ago

The creeper prank being the "until recently worst thing that scar has ever done" got me laughing so much. I wonder why only "until recently" 😂

22 |


1 year ago

I love how Scar being an absolute menace is actually completely by accident.

44 |


1 year ago

Cleo's British roots are showing through the museum.

9 |


1 year ago

I only just now noticed that the noise Scar makes when Grian hits him off the platform is the same noise that Goofy makes in The Three Mouseketeers whenever he gets yeeted somewhere

42 |


1 year ago

Somehow, adding "And, Quote" before "Until recently the worse thing Scar has done" makes it even more hilarious

14 |


1 year ago

Pix nearly unable to hold back his laughter and second-hand cringe for Scar is the best part of the recap. So so funny.

12 |


1 year ago

Having lost a pet under a year ago; I was bawling through almost all of Ren's vid. It broke my heart <3

50 |


1 year ago

With all the violence Scar is commiting this season, I think he’s forgotten he’s not on Limited Life anymore

14 |

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